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Year 6

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Week beginning Monday 13th July


This week (your last week of primary school) we would like you to be preparing for your transition to secondary school. Under the butterfly tab at the top of the page you will find a new document 'transition to secondary school' please work through this during the week.





Think about your time in primary school- all the things you have learnt, memories you have made, friends you have made, funny moments, what you have enjoyed the most etc. Now write a letter to your teacher telling him/her about all those things and what you are looking forward to as you move to secondary school.


Send your letters in using the schoolclosure e mail- your teacher would be delighted to hear from you.



Work through the activities under the Maths tab.


Have a good week and hopefully see you on Friday.













Week beginning 6th July


Animal Project Competition

Have you watched the video of some of our teachers who recently visited Chester Zoo?  

Over the next week, we would like you to choose an animal that you would find in the zoo and complete a project at home on it. This could include art work, fact files, models, newspaper articles whatever you wish. Please submit your work to us by the end of the week (10th July) as there will be some great prizes up for grabs!



This week in school we will be continuing reading texts from THE BOOK OF HOPES – Edited by Katherine Rundell and doing the activities described below.


1)Read ‘Hope, Language of Birds’ by Jackie Morris p76

 Think about how to perform it deciding on which words to draw attention to and any sound effects that might strengthen the performance.

The beginning of the poem talks about the stillness during lockdown. Watch the video of Liverpool in lockdown Afterwards make a list of words and phrases to describe what it was like-try to include figurative language.

Then use these words to write a paragraph describing what Liverpool was like in lockdown.


2)Watch ‘The Great Realisation’

Think about all the links to hope and positivity from lockdown: nature, global warming, pollution, learning new things, spending time with family.

What other positives were there? Can you find out any facts about how the world has improved eg air pollution levels., global warming. Watch:

Make a poster to display all the positives from lockdown – try and include some real facts.


3)Read ‘Say Something Nice’ by AF Harrold p36

Read through and think about how humour is used in the poem. Listen to AFHLEKPoPod and consider how the poem is performed.

When is the world ‘sometimes grey’?

Consider the layout of poem and impact on the reader. How does it feel to read when presented in this way?

Now think about the nice things that you could say to your friends or family. Create compliment cards for them.


4)Write a letter to someone to say something nice.

Think about yesterday’s poem and saying nice things to people and how this can make you both feel.

Who would like to say something nice to?  Keyworkers, parents, teachers etc Could you write them a letter to tell them all the nice things you want to say?


Share your work with us using the school closure email.




This week's Maths can be found by clicking on the Maths tab at the top of the page!



Thinking about our transition to secondary school

We are using the ‘Be Awesome Go Big’ transition pack to start thinking about our move to secondary school. It is under the butterfly tab at the top of the page. This week is school we will be covering sessions 5-9.



Keep an eye on Twitter for an exciting new competition we have planned.


Oak Academy

If you prefer to continue learning following the Oak Academy lessons the tab at the top of the page will take you to the Year 6 lessons.


Have a good week.






Week beginning 29th June


This week in school we will be reading texts from THE BOOK OF HOPES – Edited by Katherine Rundell and doing the activities described below. For other suggestions of activities related to these texts look under the tab 'English- back to school'.


Read ‘ME’ by Swapna Haddow p291


1)Develop the poem for performance

Think about possible actions, voice, expression, body/facial expression.

Try out different ways of performing the poem.

Record yourself on video and share with us

2) Write your own version of the poem.

Think about all the things you love about yourself.

Think about the days you don’t feel you love yourself as much as the day before- what can you do on those days to make you feel better?

Look at the structure of the poem and use it as a model to construct own your own poem to celebrating what is great about yourself.


Read ‘Bag for Life’ by Joseph Elliot p30


1)Plan a short monologue (speech to express mental thoughts) as Amina

Part way through reading the story- stop and think about what might be in the bag. Make predictions giving reasons.  Think about the message of this story? What does it tell you about hope, resilience and perseverance? What is the significance of the stones?

Consider how Amila might have been feeling along the journey and what her thoughts might have been.

Choose different parts of the journey eg. leaving home, entering the forest, after walking for a day, halfway through the second day, getting to the edge of the forest, reaching the city. Consider how Amila might have been feeling at these different points on the journey. Think about the intensity of feeling and whether it is positive/negative. Choose appropriate intensity of words to describe Amila’s feelings at different parts in the journey. Plot on a graph.

Use the carefully selected words to write a sentence about each point.


2)Write a monologue as Amina

Use your graph of emotions and the sentences you wrote as a plan to expand upon for your writing. Think about what makes a good piece of year 6 writing.

  • Range of punctuation (inc colons and semi colons)
  • Range of clause structures (relative, subordinate, independent)
  • Fronted adverbials
  • Expanded noun phrases
  • Figurative language (similes, metaphors, personification)
  • Short sentences for effect


Share your work with us using the school closure email.







1. Re-list these numbers in descending order.


154635      745450      172860

386314      837282      987480

757769      592293      547909


2. Guess my number using these clues...


What number am I thinking of ?

It is an odd number between 1000  and 2000.

It is a multiple of 5.

It is also a multiple of 3.

It has 4 tens. 


3. Starting with the number 10426, complete the following...



Round to the nearest 10

Round to the nearest 100



x 10

Odd or even?

What would you + to make 700000?

What would you – to make 100000?




4. Measures: using squared paper (if you don't have any available, plain will still work), design your dream bedroom - labeling the measurements of each item within the room, including the perimeter and area of the finished design. 


TIP: carry out some research beforehand in order to find out the real-life size of the objects that you wish to include!


5. Scaling: up-scale Jamie Oliver's Chilli con carne recipe in order to feed everyone in year 6 - that's 90 in total. The following recipe will only feed 10:


Extension task: using a supermarket of your choice, complete some online research in order to calculate the total cost of all of the ingredients required. 




Thinking about our transition to secondary school

We are using the ‘Be Awesome Go Big’ transition pack to start thinking about our move to secondary school. It is under the butterfly tab at the top of the page. Every day in school this week we will be doing a session to help us prepare for the next part of our educational journey.



Keep an eye on Twitter for an exciting new competition we have planned.


Oak Academy

If you prefer to continue learning following the Oak Academy lessons the tab at the top of the page will take you to the Year 6 lessons.


Have a good week.




Friday 26th June



Good morning year 6!


The day has finally arrived: Liverpool F.C. are the 2020 Premier League Champions! Well done to Klopp and co. - they really do deserve it!


Today's lessons are as follows:


English: Write an explanation.


Spelling Shed: Hive live at 10:30am. Today's code is 227724


Maths: Interpret line graphs.


Art: Henri Matisse



Good luck! 




Thursday 24th June


Good morning Year 6! It is going to be another lovely day today so I hope you can enjoy the sunshine as well as completing some of the home learning tasks below.


Maths: Interpret mean as an average


English: Identifying the key features of an explanation text


History: The Holocaust


There will also be a TT Rockstars Battle live all day...

6M v 6T

6O v 6B


Have a lovely day! 


Wednesday 23rd June

Good morning Year 6! It looks like its going to be a glorious day today!


Today for 'Wellbeing Wednesday' the theme is 'Reach for the Stars' - keep your eyes peeled for a special video today. In line with today's theme, we want you to set yourself a little goal of something you want to achieve by the end of the week. This could be something like learning to ride a bike, learning your 12 times tables or learning how to make a meal. Whatever it is, we would love to hear your ideas and see pictures or videos of your attempts.


Here are today's lessons:


Maths: Problems with percentages of amounts


English: Reading focus - Identifying key features of an explanation


Science: The animal Kingdoms


Remember, today's Hive Game will be live at 10:30am with the code posted on Twitter shortly before!


Have a lovely day and take care!

Tuesday 23rd June


Good morning Year 6! Here are today’s learning activities. Enjoy!



To find equivalent fractions, decimals and percentages.


TT Rockstars battle

Girls v Boys (9.15am – 3.30pm)



To answer summary questions about a text.



To say your birthday in Spanish.


Keep in touch via or twitter @Year6RiceLane.

Looking forward to seeing you all soon.



Monday 22nd June 



Good morning year 6!


We're sure that you're all well aware of the setup by now, so without any further ado, the activities for today are...




Maths: Understanding percentages.


English: Reading Focus - Summary.


Spelling: Hive game is live at 10:30, and the code is 593637


History: How did anti-semitism rise in Germany in the 1930s?


Good luck, and please do get in touch with your year book entries if you haven't already - spread the word to your classmates too as some of them may still be unaware!




Twitter - @Year6RiceLane

Email -




Friday 19th June


Happy Friday Year 6 - you have made it to the end of an other week learning from home!


Click on the links below for today's home learning.







There will also be a Hive Game at 10.30 this morning - Use code 984824 to join.


If you haven't already please also send in your year book entries - it is looking great and we really want everyone to be included! 



Twitter - @Year6RiceLane

Email -



Thursday 18th June!


Good morning, Year 6!


Today we have some exciting news! At 10am, the Duchess of Cambridge is hosting a live assembly all about Kindness. Head over to Oak Academy's Twitter page for the link to the assembly!


Here are the links you will need for today's lessons:

Maths: Solving problems involving calculation of measure


English: Planning a story


History: Was World War 2 inevitable?


Don't forget today's TT Rocktars battle: Year 6 vs Year 5!


Have a lovely day x




Wednesday 17th June


Good morning Year 6! Here are today’s learning activities. Please let us know how you’re getting on with them- we’d love to hear from you.


Wellbeing Wednesday- What are your super powers?

Firstly, think about what you are good at. Identify your own personal qualities e.g. being a good friend, funny, honest, courageous etc.

Then think about how to represent yourself as a super hero- what are your personal super powers? This could be a poster/photo/collage/video.

Whatever way you decide to represent yourself as a super hero please send us a picture on twitter or email and use the hashtag #wellbeingwednesday. We can’t wait to see what you come up with.



This week we are learning about the author Onjali Q Rauf

Listen to her read an extract from 'The Boy at the Back of the Class'.



To convert between standard units of mass.



To identify the key features of a story.


Hive Game

Join us at 10.30am the code will be released on Twitter beforehand.



To explore how fossils provide evidence for evolution.


Keep in touch via or twitter @Year6RiceLane.






Tuesday 16th June



Hello again year 6!


Yesterday, we introduced the Summer Reading Challenge and invited you all to get involved - if you haven't already, please click on the link below to get started:


We also introduced the author Onjali Rauf and asked you to conduct some research of your own. Today, we have a second part to this: who can find out three interesting/unusual facts about the author's work and life? 




Today's Oak Academy/basic skills activities.

1. Maths: Volume of cubes and cuboids


2. TT Rockstars: Today's battle is Y6 Boys vs Y6 Girls - it's live between 9am and 3:45pm.


3. English: Reading Focus - prediction


4. Spanish: Introducing yourself in Spanish













Monday 15th June


Welcome to a new week of home learning Year 6! 

If you have not done so already please send your entries for the year book in as soon as you can - we would really like to have all entries by this Friday. Scroll down to Tuesday 9th June to see all the details you need. 


Summer Reading Challenge

The libraries have started their 'Summer Reading Challenge' early this year. The theme is 'The Silly Squad'. Go to the link below to sign up.


To start this off we would like to promote author Onjali Rauf. Today's challenge - Can you find the names of the two children's book Onjali has written and discover what they are about? (You will be able to read a short description of each book on Amazon - there may even be reviews from children who have read the books). 


Today's Oak Academy Lessons


Maths: Problems with units of measure

English: Reading - Comparison

History: How did Hitler rise to power?


Today's Hive game will be live at 10:30 - keep an eye out for the code on twitter.

Friday 12th June

Good morning, Year 6 and happy Friday! We hope you have had a lovely day! Remember, if you haven't yet sent your information over for the year books then please do so as soon as possible. You can find all the information below.


Here are today's lessons:

Maths - To calculate the area of parallelograms and triangles.


English - To write a character description


Art - Creating circular art


PE - Have a look at today's exercise challenge over on Twitter and tweet us your attempts!


We hope you have a lovely day and we hope to see you all at 10:30 for today's hive game.










Thursday 11th June

Good morning Year 6!

Firstly, a little reminder about year book contributions- please get them to us asap so we can get these special books ordered for you. Details were outlined on Tuesday 9th June so just have a look back.

Keep in touch via or twitter @Year6RiceLane.



To solve problems involving conversion of length.

Times tables Rock Stars

Battle: Boys v Girls 9.15am -3.30pm



To use colons and semi-colons.



WW1 - The Treaty of Versailles- was it fair?



Join in with the LSSP challenges we are promoting on Twitter.


Have a great day smiley.




Wednesday 10th June


Good morning year 6! 


Hopefully you've all started to have a think about your yearbook contributions (for a full description, just scroll down to Tuesday 9th June's post below). Please do send them over to us as soon as they're complete - we're really looking forward to hearing from you all!


As for your home learning for today, the Oak Academy/Spelling activities are as follows:



1. English - Writing focus: identifying the key features of a character description.




2. Spelling - Spelling Shed HIVE is live at 10.30am - today's code is 606742




3. Maths -To convert between standard units of length.




4. Science - What is the theory of evolution?



As always, please do keep in touch, and let us know how you are getting on with your lockdown activities so far. The best way is either via the school closure email address, or Twitter - both listed below.




Twitter - @Year6RiceLane

Email -





Tuesday 9th June


Good morning Year 6! Since it is getting closer to the end of term it is time to start thinking about the YEAR BOOK. The year book is something we do every year with Year 6 children and even though this year is a little bit different we still want to create a nice keepsake for you all to be able to look back on when you are old like us! The year book will be full of pictures and memories and everyone will get to contribute to their own section which means we need your help. We need everybody to think about their answers to the following questions (a sentence or two is plenty) and send them in to school in whichever way works best for you. 


All about Me - In this section you could include who you live with, your hobbies, favourite food, pets, friends, favourite colour or anything else about yourself.


e.g. Hi! My name is ..... and I am 11 years old. I live with my mum, brothers and my pet dog called Benji. My favourite food is pizza and my favourite colour is green.


Things I enjoyed most about school - Think about your favourite lessons, activities and trips. Try to explain why these are the things you've enjoyed the most.


E.g ...The things I have enjoyed most in school are the trips, especially when we got to stay away over night! I loved Colomendy - it was so much fun. I also really like English and Art lessons - I really enjoyed the ink blotting lessons this year.


What I want to be when I'm older - Try to explain why you would like to do this job.


E.g...When I'm older I really want to be a police officer because it is a responsible job and I like that I would be protecting my city.


We would really like EVERYBODY to get involved so please pass the message on to your friends.


Adults... stay posted for more details on how you can order year books in the next few weeks. 


Please click on the links below to access today's Oak Academy lessons. 


Maths: Units of measure


English: Reading - Prediction


Spanish - Numbers and letters


Monday 8th June


Good morning Year 6 and welcome to another week of virtual learning. Can you believe this is week 12 of lockdown? We hope you are enjoying the Oak Academy lessons - they are so easy to follow. 

Don't forget today's Hive game will begin at 10:30am with the code posted shortly beforehand.


Here are today's lessons and the links that you will need:


Maths - To generate and describe linear number sequences


English - Reading focus making comparisons


PSHE - Prime Minister's questions


History - Why were so many lives lost on the Western Front?


Don't forget to aim to do a little bit of exercise every day: it's great for your body and your mind! You can find the links to Joe Wicks' workouts at the top of the page or have a look over on our Twitter where we will be retweeting some exercise challenges.


As always, we would love to hear from you and what you have been up to!


Have a lovely day and stay safe xx


Friday 5th June

Good morning Year 6- happy Friday!

Hopefully you are all enjoying the Oak National Academy lessons. I know the children in school have been. Yesterday we really enjoyed the history lesson about how WW1 started.

Let us know what lessons you’ve enjoyed most this week or send us some of your work via email or twitter @Year6RiceLane.



To solve fraction problems with the four operations



Writing a letter of complaint



Texture treasure hunt- patchwork rubbings



Keep active with Joe Wicks


Join the Hive game at 10.30 today.


Have a great day and a lovely weekend smiley




Thursday 4th June


Good morning year 6! 


Continuing with our unit of Oak Academy lessons, the links to today's sessions can be found below.


*WARNING: Today's foundation lesson is an older session from April 20th. We are not doing the lesson dated June 4th - Why did the USA and the USSR enter into a Cold War? The reason for this is that we have only just begun using Oak Academy as a resource, and so we don't think it makes sense to jump into a unit half way through. Instead, we feel it's better to do things in the correct order and start the unit from lesson one - even if that means backtracking a few weeks. 


1. English: Letter of complaint - clause structures.



2. Maths: Fractions - to divide a proper fraction by an integer.



3. Foundation - History: What caused the first World War to break out?


4. TT Rockstars battle: this is live from 9am until 3:45pm, and features 6O vs 6M, and 6B vs 6T. 



Good luck with everything, and as always please keep in touch via the school closure email address and/or Twitter!



Twitter - @Year6RiceLane

Email -











Wednesday 3rd June


Good morning Year 6! We are now half way through the first week back and hopefully you are now familiar with the new Oak National Academy lessons that we have been using since the half term break. Here are the links to today's lessons...


Maths: Dividing a proper fraction by an integer


English: Identifying features of a letter of complaint


Geography: What impact are humans likely to have on life in the future?


There will be another Spelling Shed Hive game today at 10.30 so keep an eye out on Twitter for the code and share it with your friends.


Please don't forget that we would love to hear from you. You can tweet us or send us an email. 

Twitter - @Year6RiceLane

Email -


Have a great Wednesday! 


Tuesday 2nd June


Good morning, Year 6! We hope you enjoyed your first day back to learning after half term. Did you manage to have a look at the new lessons that we are following on Oak National Academy? We would love to hear your thoughts if you did!


As mentioned yesterday, each lesson is delivered by a trained teacher and they are very easy to follow.


Here are today's lessons:

Maths - To multiply pairs of proper fractions.


English - Letter of complaint (following on from yesterday's lesson).



Spanish - Learning to say where you live.


PE with Joe Wicks


Don't forget that we always love to hear from you and it would be really lovely to hear what you got up to over the half term. You could send us a tweet @Year6RiceLane or an email to


Take care and have a lovely day xx











Monday 1st June

Welcome back Year 6! We hope you had a lovely half term break and were able to enjoy the beautiful weather.


Back to work today and we have decided as a school to move to the Oak National Academy lessons so learning at home will be a little different from now on.

Oak National Academy is an online classroom and has been created by teachers specifically to support learning at home at

You can access Oak’s online classroom on any device, you don’t need to log in or remember a password.

Each lesson is delivered by a trained teacher, over a pre-recorded video, and it’s very clear at the start of each session anything you might need (such as pens, paper etc).

Hope you enjoy it- let us know what you think via email or twitter @Year6RiceLane.



To multiply fractions.



Letter of complaint - Reading focus



How did World War 2 end?



Keep active with Joe Wicks


Friday 22nd May


It's Friday and it's almost half term but before you take next week off to relax we want to hear all about your dream holiday destinations.


There's lots to plan and think about and you can spend as much money as you want! Hopefully you spent some time yesterday doing your research and planning and today your job is to present your dream holiday destination to us! Remember we want all the details - how you're going to get there, how much it will cost, day trips you plan on going on, what clothes you are going to pack, the food you're going to sample and so on.  Refer to the planning sheet to help you.


You can present your project in any way you wish - a mood board, a power point presentation, a persuasive poster, a persuasive leaflet, a fact file- whatever takes your fancy. There are some examples in the Dream Holiday tab so take a look-they might help you.


As usual, we want you to send us your completed work via e mail or twitter @Year6RiceLane and remember to use the hashtag #Y6dreamholiday. 


Have fun dreaming and happy halfterm! smiley

Visit Liverpool poster

Thursday 22nd May

Welcome back campers!

For the last three days you have been taking part in Rice Lane’s Virtual Camp – we hope you enjoyed it and if you haven’t yet shared your photos, there is still time– and now, for the last two days of this half term, we would like you to think further afield…

Lots of us have had our holidays cancelled for this year but we want you to think about and plan your DREAM HOLIDAY. Where would you and your family go after lockdown if you could choose anywhere in the whole world? I think I’d pick Africa to see lots of amazing animals in the wild but I might change my mind when I’ve seen your suggestions!

Once you have decided where your dream destination is we want you to pick from the activities below to create a mini project all about this place. It is completely up to you how you present this - you could create a Powerpoint, create a big mood board using an old cardboard box, create a mini book... however you would like to share your ideas!

As always, we would love to see what you create so please tweet or email us anything you do.

Twitter - @Year6RiceLane

Email -



Wednesday 20th May 2020


Good morning virtual-campers! Welcome to our third and final day of virtual-camp week. As you will likely be aware,  the typical BBC Bitesize activities have been put on pause this week, as we are instead inviting you to take part in a plethora of PGL-inspired challenges and activities. Don't worry though, the Bitesize page is still there for you if you'd like to complete something from it, however, what we'd really like to see is some photo evidence of your virtual-camp efforts!


If you haven't already had a look, you can get started by clicking on the badger icon at the top of this page in order to see a breakdown of the activities and challenges that we'd like you to try.


For those of you out there that have already been taking part, congratulations! We have loved seeing all of your efforts thus far and look forward to seeing many more of them today.


If you have been taking part over the past two days, we imagine that you may have already completed most of the key challenges and so today offers an opportunity to complete some of the 'fun activities' listed under the badger icon. Within that list, there are a couple in particular that we think would be mightily impressive:


1. Learn a magic trick.

2. Learn to juggle.

3. Create an origami animal...or even zoo!


With that said, there is one key activity that I imagine few of you have been able to attempt so far due to the weather, and today might be your best opportunity as we have been forecast clear skies all day: it would be amazing to see somebody complete the 'star gazing' challenge and send over any/all photographs as evidence tomorrow morning. This activity is very PGL-esque and so we feel it would be an excellent way to round-off the three days of challenges.


Good luck campers!


For any and all photographs of your hard work, please let us know by sending them over via either Twitter or the Rice Lane closure email address.




Twitter - @Year6RiceLane

Email -



Tuesday 19th May


Hello Year 6 and welcome to day 2 of your virtual camp week! How many challenges did you manage to complete yesterday? Well done to everyone who has sent us pictures of what they got up to: we have seen some fantastic 'camp fire' and 'tent' creations. Did any of you actually spend the night in your tents?


Today is a chance to complete some more challenges. How about going on a virtual day trip? Take a look at the link at the top of this page for some ideas of where you could go. We also need something to cook on our camp fires so can you plan a meal for the whole family that costs less than £10?


Don't forget there are prizes for the most challenges completed and also the tidiest dorms (I'm sure parents will love this one!) Why don't you try and change your own bedding?


We hope you have a lovely day at 'camp' and we can't wait to see what you get up to. Remember to email or tweet us some photos and #RLY6virtualcamp :) 







Monday 18th May


Good morning Year 6 and welcome to Virtual Camp week!

This morning we should have been heading off to PGL together. However, unfortunately we are all at home instead. So for this week only we bring you the Year 6 Rice Lane Virtual Camp week.


Under the Virtual Camp tab (badger) at the top of the page you will find everything you need.


The first thing you need to do this morning is set up your tent and build your camp fire!!

After that you need to complete one key challenge and as many optional challenges and activities as you wish.


There will be prizes for the children who complete the most tasks. All we ask is that you send us evidence of what you have completed on Twitter @Year6RiceLane or email


We would really like you to embrace the virtual camp this week and have some fun doing so. The bitesize activities are also still available to complete is you wish.


Have an amazing day smiley.



Friday 15th May


It's Friday again! This week seems to have flown by - I hope you have all had a good one and are now looking forward to the weekend! 

Don't forget that David Almond (author of Skellig and Savage) is reading an extract from his new unpublished book at 9.30 this morning. Head to to hear it. 

We will also be having another Hive game at 10.30. The code will be on Twitter around 10 o'clock so keep a look out for it. 


Today's Bitesize activities:

Maths: Challenge Quiz


If you want more maths challenges try these

(the blue ones are harder than the red).


English: Daily Book Club - Percy Jackson and the Lightning thief


Art and Design: Painting, collage and print making



Thursday 14th May


Good morning Year 6! What a lovely, sunny morning again! What have you all got planned today? It's Thursday so that means there is going to be another video from the teachers out today so keep your eyes peeled.


We would love to know how you are getting on with the Bitesize learning. Which have been your favourite lessons?


Here are today's links:

Maths - fractions of amounts in context (how you could use fractions in real life)


English - Writing a recount. (You are going to learn all about Emily Earhart and write a recount as if you are her).


Letters from the Lighthouse by Emma Carroll

Chapter 2 is now on You Tube for you to listen to - hope you enjoy it.


Design Technology - Extreme designs (Learn about extreme designs and how they are tested, using elements of science and maths)


Also, as today is TT Rockstar day, it is time for another battle. Head over to your TT Rockstar account now to find out who you are up against today....


Good luck Year 6! Have a lovely day! x










Wednesday 13th May 2020


Hello again year 6! 


Today's home-learning sessions are as follows:


1 > English: writing a debate argument.


2 > Maths: dividing fractions by integers.


3 > Science: adaptation.


4 > Spelling: Hive game live on Spelling Shed at 10:30am today. Make sure to spread the word and encourage as many friends as possible to join. Login code will be posted on Twitter at 10:20am.


5 > BONUS ACTIVITY: Check out the BBC's Bitesize Daily video via the Iplayer - this week's video features Gary Lineker!


Good luck year 6, and please do keep in touch. Make sure to keep us informed of all of your newfound talents and skills during our 'would be' SATS week. If you have something to share, get in touch via either Twitter or the School Closure email address.



Twitter - @Year6RiceLane

Email -




Tuesday 12th May



Good morning everyone! Hope you are all doing ok. Remember how we love to hear from you– this week we are asking you to share your special talents and skills with us. As this would have been SATs week, instead we want you to share the things that SATs can't measure. Post a picture or a video to us on Twitter @Year6RiceLane or send an e mail to us We want to celebrate what a talented bunch you are! 


Here are today’s lessons:


English: To write a powerful speech.


Maths: To multiply fractions.


Geography: To learn about sustainability and plastics.



Read your own book for pleasure for 30 minutes (or more!!) or go on Read Theory or Get Epic.



Keep up your spelling practice with Spelling Shed. Join the Hive game tomorrow morning at 10.30am.


Times tables:

The big battle is today! Year 6 girls v Year 6 boys. Join in to help your team win. The battle commences at 9am.



Have a great day.


Monday 11th May


Good morning year 6! I hope you all had a lovely bank holiday weekend and enjoyed celebrating VE day on Friday.


Some of you may have realised that under normal circumstances, today would be the beginning of SATs week. You all worked so hard towards this week and as your teachers we are incredibly proud of every single one of you - we don't need the SATs to know how great you are!

So... instead of showing off what you can do academically, we want you to show off the things that SATs can't measure. We would like you all to share your special talents and skills with us. This could be something you've been doing for years or something new you've had the chance to try since lockdown began. You can tell us your talent or share your pictures or videos on twitter or by email - we look forward to seeing you all getting involved!


Twitter - @Year6RiceLane

Email -


Bitesize activities will also be available as normal:


Maths: Multiplying fractions and mixed numbers by integers


English: Writing a report


History: Who was Tutankhamun?


Have a great Monday!

Friday 8th May -Victory in Europe day


Today is a bank holiday to celebrate 75 years since the end of World War 2.

There is no work set but we would love you to celebrate VE day by having a stay at home street party. There is a special pack to help you prepare at the top of this page (the Union Jack tab).


For those of you who want to find out more about VE day, there is a VE day project tab (school satchel) with links that might help you.


We would love to see pictures of your celebrations on twitter. Use the hashtag #RiceLaneVEDay75 and have a great day and weekend smiley.


Letters from the Lighthouse by Emma Carrol


Listen to chapter one of this book 'Keep Calm and Carry On'



Thursday 7th May 


Greetings year 6!


It looks as though we are set for another day of blue skies and warm sunshine - make sure you stay safe out there and top-up your sun cream if spending a long time outdoors. 


Today's BBC Bitesize activities are as follows:


Maths: Adding and subtracting mixed numbers.


English: Reading lesson - Tell me no lies, by Malorie Blackman.


Computing: Algorithms and debugging.


*There are also TT Rockstar battles live today from 9am until 3:35pm. Today's battles are 6O vs 6B,  6M vs 6T,  and Year 6 vs Year 4.


Good luck everyone, and please do keep in touch!


Twitter - @Year6RiceLane

Email -

















Wednesday 6th May


Good morning Year 6! What a gorgeous morning! It looks like it's going to be another lovely day. What have you all got planned today? Don't forget we have a Hive game on Spelling Shed at 10:30 - you will be able to find the code over on Twitter around 10:15. Let's see how many people we can get competing today!


Here are today's lessons from BBC Bitesize:

Maths - Adding and subtracting fractions. Can you tell me what is important to remember when doing this?


English - Using relative clauses. Maybe you could send us a tweet or an email showing off some relative clauses!


Science - How plants reproduce. Could you draw and label some diagrams to show what you have learnt?


Don't forget that this week's P4C question is 'What do you think is the best age to be?'. Keep your eye out on Twitter for Miss Thomas' answer today. 


Have a lovely day in the sun and please send us lots of photos to either @Year6RiceLane or Maybe you could even recreate our 'Fridge challenge' - if you haven't yet seen it.... you're in for a treat.







Tuesday 5th May



Good morning everyone! Hope you are all doing ok. Remember how we love to hear from you – post a picture or a message on Twitter @Year6RiceLane or write an e mail to us to let us know how you are.


Here are today’s lessons:


English: To use personification in a setting description.


Maths: To compare and order fractions.


Geography: To learn about trade and economic activity.


History: VE (Victory in Europe) day

On Friday 8th May we will be celebrating 75 years since the end of WW2. You will find two new links at the top of the page – ‘VE day celebrations’ and ‘VE day project’. ‘VE day celebrations’ contains a pack with details to help you host your own stay at home street party. ‘VE day project’ contains lots of interesting activities and links for those of you who want to find out more.



Read your own book for pleasure for 30 minutes (or more!!) or go on Read Theory.



Keep up your spelling practice with Spelling Shed. Join the Hive game tomorrow morning at 10.30am.


Times tables:

The big battle is today! Year 6 girls v Year 6 boys. Join in to help your team win. The battle commences at 9am.



Have a great day.



Monday 4th May


Welcome back Year 6. We hope you've had a lovely, relaxing weekend and are now ready for another week of home learning.

Click on the links below to access today's BBC Bitesize activities. 


Maths: Simplifying fractions


English: Analysing setting descriptions


History: What did the Ancient Egyptians believe in?



From today we will also be posting a weekly P4C (Philosophy for children) question. These questions are something you can discuss as a family and get everybody involved in answering - if you are catching up with family or friends on the phone, by text or on a video call why not ask them what they think too. 

We would really like to hear what you think  - you could film yourself, write us an email or tweet with your opinions. Mr Overs, Miss Thomas, Mrs Blain and I will also be letting you know what we think - I wonder if any of us agree?


This week's question....  


What do you think is the best age to be and why? 





Friday 1st May


Good morning year 6!


Hopefully, you're all becoming quite familiar with BBC Bitesize now. 


Today's lessons are as follows.


Maths: Challenge!

This is a great activity, as it tests a really wide variety of skills.

NOTE: if you're finding this too easy, have a go at accessing it through the year 7 portal instead - it's mostly the same quiz, but with a few bonus questions added at the end to really get you thinking!


year 6 :

year 7:


English: Reading comprehension


Music: Duration and tempo


Good luck! 












Thursday 30th April


Good morning everybody! How are you all today? I'm really hoping the sunshine comes back very soon!


Here are today's BBC Bitesize lessons for you:

Maths - Order of operations


English - hyphens and dashes


RE - Learning about Ramadan


Don't forget that as it is Thursday, it is another TT rockstar battle day! The battles are now live until 4PM and today it is 6T v 60 and 6B v 6M to find out the champions of the week.


Don't forget to let us know what you have been up to. Why don'y you write a short diary about your day or week and send it to us through the school email: It would really make our day and it will also be something that you can look back on for years!


Keep up the hard work and stay safe x




Wednesday 29th April



Good morning everyone! Hope you are all doing ok. Remember how we love to hear from you – post a picture or a message on Twitter @Year6RiceLane or write an e mail to us to let us know how you are.


Hope you’re enjoying BBC bitesize. Here are today’s lessons:


English: To use bullet points.


Maths: To identify common factors, common multiples and prime numbers.


Science: Mixing, dissolving and separation.


History: Wartime Entertainment

At 1pm today The Western Approaches will launch their lesson on Wartime Entertainment on You tube. All their previous lessons are also available if you’re interested in learning more about WW2.



Read your own book for pleasure for 30 minutes (or more!!) or go on Read Theory.



Keep up your spelling practice with Spelling Shed. Join the Hive game this morning at 10.30am.


Times tables:

Go on TT Rockstars to practise for the next battle which is tomorrow.


Remember to use the tabs at the top of the page if you want any extra activities. Remember to take part in Mr Lockley's PE challenge. Today a new tab has been added with lots of recipes if you fancy doing some cooking at home. 


Keep active and have a great day.



Tuesday 28th April


Good morning Year 6! Today's Bitesize activities are listed below. Don't forget that you can also still get involved in the PE and Art activities that were mentioned yesterday and there will also be another TT Rockstars battle today  6M v 6T and 6O v 6B. The final will take place on Thursday. 


English - Commas, brackets and dashes


Maths - Short and Long Multiplication


Geography - The World (Mapping the continents and oceans)


As always, don't forget we'd love to see what you've been doing or just hear how you're getting on - it really does make our day to read your tweets and emails. 




Monday 27th April 2020.


Hello again year 6!


Hopefully you're all feeling suitably energised and refreshed after another weekend at home.


Here are the links for today's lessons (5 in total). Please keep reading to the very bottom as there are two extra activities listed in green (4 and 5)


1. English:Punctuation and Paragraphs



2. Maths: Multi-step addition and subtraction problems



3. History: What was life like for the ancient Egyptians?




4. Here is a new PE activity that Mr Lockley has set up. It's totally free and an amazing new resource for children to stay active. Please spread the word and let everyone in your year group know about it. Here is the link, and Mr Lockley's description on how to best use the resource: 



"Above you will find a link to the provider Get Set, they are a great resource for all things healthy living. They work alongside some of the best Olympians and Paralympians to bring fun and exciting ways to get young children and families living a healthy lifestyle.


Here at Rice Lane Primary we have completed many of the Get Set competitions over the years, including the ALDI sticker collection. This is their latest offering to Primary Schools to build an awareness of healthy living.


We ask that any physical activity over this period of Home Learning; for example, ball games, moving and dancing, going for a walk or riding a bike/scooter is logged through the website. All you need to do is follow the link above, select log activity, choose your team (which is your class name), follow the onscreen selection and finally submit your activity.


If your class beat the weekly goal set by the team behind Get Set you will be in the running to win the prize for that week. Mr Lockley will also reward the class with a prize that completes the most physical activity during this home learning period.


Good luck and get moving!"




5. The final resource for the day is an Art activity. During the course of the lockdown, some of the world's most famous artists (Grayson Perry, Anthony Gormley etc) have collaborated to create two Art activity packs for children to have a go at. They are totally free - you just need a parent to submit an email address in order to retrieve the activities. Please find the link below:



Good luck with everything year 6, and please keep us informed of your progress on Twitter.

Year 6 team. 



Friday 24th April


Good morning Year 6 and 'Happy Friday!'


We hope you have enjoyed your first week back of home learning and that you are getting back into the swing of things.


Here are today's BBC Bitesize lessons:

Maths - Week 1 challenges


English - Reading: How to be a Cat


PSHE/Wellbeing - Starting Secondary School


Last night on Twitter, lots of teachers posted pictures of themselves with their books #WorldBookNight see if you can spot any of your friends that have sent photos in and send us a picture of what you are reading.


We have received lots of lovely e-mails over the last few days which have really made us smile. If you haven't had a chance yet then maybe you could let us know what you have been up to this week.


Take care and have a lovely weekend xx




Thursday 23rd April


Happy St George’s Day!

 Why not dress in red and white today or even as a dragon!! Or how about making some St George’s day flags or bunting to decorate your house or garden- take a picture and tweet it to us @Year6RiceLane. We’d love to see what you’re doing to celebrate.


Hope you’re enjoying BBC bitesize. Here are today’s lessons:


English: To use adjectives for more descriptive writing.


Maths: To add and subtract using different methods


Music: Singing with feeling


Well done to everyone that got involved in yesterday's Hive game and Tuesday’s TT Rockstars battle. Today we play the TT Rockstars finals: 6O v 6B and 6T v 6M. Please join in and help your class out. The battle is live between 9am and 3.30pm.


Remember to use the tabs at the top of the page if you want any extra activities. Don’t forget Read Theory and to read for pleasure at home. It’s supposed to be a lovely sunny day- take your book into your yard or garden or sit on your step and read your book!


Finally, thank you to everyone who has sent us an email to say how they are and what they’ve been doing. We have loved reading them. If you haven’t done so maybe you could write us an e mail today…


Have a great day.



Wednesday 22nd April


Happy Wednesday!

We're at the halfway point of our first week back after Easter and we hope you're beginning to get back into the swing of learning from home!

Click on the links below to see today's BBC Bitesize activities. 


English: To identify and use active and passive verbs


Maths: Negative Numbers


Science: The solar system


Well done to everyone that got involved in yesterday's TT Rockstars battle. Today is the return of the Spelling Shed Hive game - this will be live at 2pm so keep an eye out on Twitter for the code to join. 


Please don't forget that we'd love to see pictures of what you are getting up to - these can be sent to the school closure email or put onto Twitter. 

Have a lovely day! 




Tuesday 21st April


Greetings year 6!


We hope everyone was able to tackle the BBC's Bitesize content yesterday - they've invested a lot of time and effort into putting it together! 


Today's activities are as follows:


English - Verbs and Modal Verbs


Maths - Rounding Decimals


***Also, don't forget to log onto TT Rockstars today to push your class to victory in the inter-class multiplication semi final battles!!

6O vs 6T

6B vs 6M

Battles are live between 9am and 3:35pm


Final to follow on Thursday - good luck!


Geography - Introduction to Settlements


Good luck everyone!


For anyone looking for something extra, please remember that the fantastic content-creators over at Twinkl have made their website totally free to access over the lockdown period. Making a login is really easy, and once you have one you just need to search for "year 6 (subject name) activity" and they will point you in the direction of a plethora of resources to have a go at.



Keep up the hard work year 6




Monday 20th April

Good morning Year 6 and welcome back to your virtual learning! We hope you have had a lovely Easter and a chilled two week break with your families. Over the next few weeks, we will be continuing to suggest lessons for Maths, English, Science and foundation subjects on this page. You will also find all the links to daily activities such as Joe Wicks at the top of this page. We will also be keeping our Twitter page up to date with fun activities, positive messages and information on codes for Hive Games and TT Rockstar Battles.


We will have set days for the online competitions:

Hive games: Monday, Wednesday, Friday

TT Rockstar battles: Tuesday & Thursday


Going forward, we will be mostly suggesting lessons from the BBC Bitesize website. Over the Easter break, they have created some fantastic resources and content for home learning. They have managed to get some famous faces involved and each of their lessons are progressive, age-appropriate and easy to follow: they each have a video introduction and some interactive activities. They will be releasing a new timetable each week and also have a TV schedule for their home learning on BBC iPlayer (see timetables above).


Today's lessons

Maths - Learn how to compare, order and round any number.


English - Identify nouns and pronouns


History - Who were the Ancient Egyptians?


As always, we would love to hear from you and to know what you have been up to. Get in touch with us on the school twitter @Year6RiceLane or through the school email:


Have a lovely day and enjoy the sunshine xx







Friday 3rd April

Well done for getting to the end of your second week of home learning and you’ll all be delighted to know that we break up for the Easter holidays today!! This means we won’t be setting you daily tasks on the website or twitter but we will leave you with some ideas of fun activities you might like to complete over the two-week break. Hope you all have a lovely break and are ready to engage fully with us again on Monday 20th April.



TT rockstars- times tables. After yesterday's battle 60 and 6T play in the final today while 6M battle 6B. 

White Rose Year 6. Week 2 lessons 4 and 5 are all about angles. Do the powerpoint lesson and activities. You can also check your answers.

Also remember to check out Education city where we have set you lots of maths activities in the cities.


Spellings on spelling shed. Well done if you have joined some of the Hive games. We will set these regularly after the Easter break. 


Read your book for half an hour. Make a note of any new words and clarify. Write a 30-word summary of what you have read.


Write your own Happy News!

Keep an eye out for happy news stories happening around you or in your neighbourhood eg. Applause for the nhs, restaurants delivering free meals to those in need etc.

Check out BBC Uplifting stories and/or watch Newsround’s Happy News for more ideas.

Check out this link for more ideas and a template you could use.



Continuing with our WW2 topic – go on a virtual tour of Anne Frank’s museum and read some of her diary entries on the video link. This might also inspire some of you to begin your own diary (if you haven’t already done so!).

We’d really like to know how you are all doing so if your mum or dad have Twitter – send us a tweet @Year6RiceLane or otherwise send us an e mail –


Happy Easter and enjoy the break!



Thursday 2nd April


Happy Thursday Year 6! Did anybody notice our little April Fool yesterday?

Have a look below for today’s activities but don’t forget to also check out the links above for things you can do every day.


Let’s see which Year 6 class is the quickest at times tables (and the most competitive): Two battles have been set up on TT Rockstars- 6M v 6O and 6T v 6B. These battles will be live from 10am until 2pm. The winners will compete against each other on Friday.

Scale Factors: Logon to (you will need an adult to set up an account for this but it is completely free and quick and easy to do) and complete the following two activities (type them into the search bar to find them quickly)

  • Year 6 Calculating Scale Factors
  • Year 6 Using Scale Factors



Spelling: There will be another Hive game live on Spelling Shed at 10:30 this morning – Good luck everyone.

Writing: Have a look at this link to ‘Once Upon a Picture’. Think about the questions below the picture and then see if you can write the story up to this point. Share your story on Twitter or send it to us by email.

Reading: Complete at least 2 quizzes on Read Theory.


Login to Education City and complete some of the Science activities you have been set.

Also, don’t forget that every day at 11am, children’s TV presenter Maddie Moate will be live streaming science lessons. This week, the sessions are all about the human body.

Wednesday 1st April


Greetings year 6!


We hope that you are all well and doing your utmost to alleviate the boredom of "lockdown" with some choicely picked home-learning activities!


Your tasks for today –




1. Warm-up: use a dictionary to find the meanings of the words utmost, alleviate, boredom and choicely 😉.

2. For those of you that are missing the challenge of whole-class reading, please find attached a reading comprehension (Endangered) that should put all of your Read Theory practice to the test. Don’t worry about printing anything out – simply use your jotter to write down the question numbers and corresponding answers. Once finished (and only once finished!), have a look at the answer booklet in order to calculate your score. Good luck!

3. As an extra challenge (for those of you that complete the first activities with aplomb), please find attached an especially tricky word search. Be warned, this is difficult! If it proves to be too challenging, you may find it useful to consult your calendar for some tips 😉



1. Warm up: Complete a few rounds of “Countdown” – you have one minute to create a 3-digit number using the four operations.

Note: the website requires Flash player, so you may need to make sure that your web browser isn’t blocking Flash from running (settings are accessible via clicking on the little padlock next to the URL web address).


2. Main activity: Here as a result of popular request, please find attached a Maths Mystery challenge. Again, don’t worry about printing anything out as the activity can be completed just as easily by using a jotter and a piece of paper. Warning: be careful scrolling down too ferociously to the bottom of the booklet, as you’ll likely see all of the answers unintentionally.




Today’s writing task is to write a film review of the most recent film that you have seen. Give the film a score out of five, and then go into detail on why you think it deserves that score.


French (or Spanish):

Duolingo! Via either the website or the free downloadable app, have a go at teaching yourself some French or Spanish in preparation for secondary school! The app is extremely popular around the globe and is often cited as the most popular means by which to learn a foreign language.


Follow the link below to get yourself started! The app is totally free and is widely used by secondary schools to supplement the learning of foreign languages.




Tuesday 31st March

Hello everyone! We hope you are well and enjoying lots of different activities and spending time with your family. Here are some suggestions of what you could get up to today:

Education City

We have set up new Education City accounts for each of you and have uploaded lots of Maths, English and Science activities for you to complete. Your grown-ups should have received an app which explains your usernames and passwords. If you are struggling to log on, please send us an email or a message on our twitter page @Year6RiceLane


- Today’s challenge is to read one chapter of your book then create a quiz about what you have read. You can then read the chapter aloud, to improve on fluency, to a sibling or an adult. They can then complete your quiz and you can become the teacher and mark it.


Take a look at Carol Vorderman’s maths site. It is really quick and east to create a log in and the website is full of lessons, games and interactive fun. Each day Carol also streams a maths lesson for you to get involved with.

- Don’t forget to go on Times Tables Rock Stars! Why don’t you set up a battle with your friends?


Every day at 11am, children’s TV presenter Maddie Moate will be live streaming science lessons. This week, the sessions are all about the human body and there is even a tutorial on how to make your own poo….yuck!

We hope you enjoy your day and we can’t wait to see lots of photos over on our twitter page @Year6RiceLane

Monday 30th March


Hi everyone hope you are all well. Welcome to your second week of home learning. Before you start today make a little timetable for yourself and tick off the different activities when you complete them.


Try to do some maths, reading and writing everyday and another activity. Also remember to do as much exercise as you can- it's great for a break between your other activities and will help you keep fit and well during this time.




Read your own book for at least 15 minutes today. Then go on Read theory and complete some quizzes.


David Walliams is reading from his stories at 11am so tune in to that (I know many of you are fans!).



Log on to spelling shed and practise your spellings.



Start a diary. Write about what you've been doing and how you've been feeling during this time. If you feel like sharing- tweet us a picture of today's entry.



Log on to TT Rock Stars and practise your times tables.


Complete at least two pages of your CGP Maths homework book.


At 10am log on to the White Rose Maths party



Why not try making some healthy snacks or a healthy lunch today. Check out Jamie Oliver's recipes

We would love to see pictures of what you create- please tweet us.



Log on to you tube and Draw with Rob today.


Have a great day and please keep in touch and tell us what you've been up to. Also remember our twitter page where we post daily. @Year6RiceLane








Friday 27th March


Good Morning Year 6! You have nearly completed your first week learning from home and whilst we miss you lots, we hope you are enjoying spending lots of time with your adults.


Click on the links above for lots of activities that you can access daily such as PE with Joe Wicks, Rock Kidz and Art for Kids Hub.


Today we want you to explore Classroom Secrets Kids where there is lots of games and activities for Reading, Grammar and Maths. Your adult will need to create an account to use this website but it is completely free and quick and easy to do - just go to


Today, try these activities (type them into the search bar to find them quickly):

Maths - Percentages of amounts game

Reading - Great fire poetry


Why not also have a look at the BBC bitesize Science pages 'What is adaptation?' and 'What is Inheritance?' and see if you can complete the quiz.


Don't forget, we'd love to see any pictures of what you are getting up to and would love to hear from you on email or Twitter too.


Have a great Friday and a lovely weekend - I hope it stays nice and sunny!









Thursday 26th March

Hello again year 6!


Hopefully everyone is getting well into the swing of things now, so here are your home-learning activities for today.



Joe Wicks will be live again at 9am with his daily workout, so make sure to join him for another early morning training session!



15 minutes of reading for pleasure, followed by 15 minutes of Read Theory:




Sea Wall


Read the story starter (underneath the picture) and give yourself 30 minutes to continue writing the story. Make sure to use plenty of year 6 writing features within your writing and don’t forget to use a variety of A WHITE BUS ( and FANBOYS ( conjunctions!


Good luck!


Reading (part 2): David Walliams will be live again at 11am with another reading from one of his fantastic children’s stories. Follow the link below to listen!


Maths Warm-up: Complete three rounds of times tables on Pinpoint Maths and see if you can increase you score each time!


Maths Main activity:

Follow the link below to access the White Rose Maths hub and complete today’s activity (lesson 4) on Ratio.



Rulers and pencils at the ready!

Follow the link below to complete a drawing tutorial on 3D buildings.


WARNING: this requires both patience and resilience, but the end result is fantastic!



Wednesday 25th March


Good morning Year 6 and what another beautiful day it is!


Hope you are all getting on well with your home learning and have managed to establish a routine. Try to make a timetable each day of what you are going to do and tick off when you complete each thing.


Try to do some of these activities today:



Times tables practice on TT Rock stars


Complete the next two pages of your CGP homework books.


Go on my mini maths and try the daily activities - great for arithmetic practice.


Go on the White Rose home learning website and there are daily maths lessons with activities and answers to check. This week is ratio. Have a go!




Read- try and read your own book for at least half an hour a day. 


Go on Read Theory and complete some quizzes.


Try the next comprehension in your CGP homework book.


Super sentence stacking with Jane Considine-

Go on you tube to access Jane's lessons on writing suitable for children of all ages.

She uses the different sentence types that we have been trying in class.



There is a history lesson from the secret WW2 bunker - The Western approaches- that we recently visited at 1pm today.



It's really important to keep active as much as you can. Set up a mini circuit of activities at home and challenge yourself to complete it as many times as possible. You can also tune into Joe Wicks daily. The FA are also delivering daily activities aimed at children at 2pm every day.


Remember to look at all the activities on the letter you were sent and let us know how you are getting on by tweeting us or sending an email.


Have a great day.














Tuesday 24th March


Good morning Year 6! What a lovely morning it is outside again! :) 


Here are some activities for you today:



Strictly Come Dancing & The Greatest Dancer star Oti Mabuse is streaming a live kids dance class on facebook at 11:30am:


You can find Joe Wicks' latest home workout on his Youtube channel:



Try to enjoy 30 minutes of reading your book. Can you summarise what you have read to an adult?

Every day at 11am, David Walliams is releasing free audio books. Follow the link to today's story:



Take a look at today's interesting picture on Pobble. Can you write a story about the man who can perform magic?



Can you solve today's White Rose problems of the day?



Everyday at 2PM, the Rock Kidz will be performing live on their Youtube channel. Can you tweet us some pictures or videos of you getting involved?



We hope you have a lovely day. Remember, we would love you to keep in touch by sending us an email or a tweet and it would be great to see pictures and videos of what you have been up to.


Take care x







Good morning year 6!

Welcome to your first week learning from home!


For this first week concentrate on working through your CGP homework books -

Reading - pages 26 and 27

Maths  - pages 52 and 53

If you have completed these pages (well done to you!) you can carry on through the books. 


You could also have a look at the following videos:


Joe Wicks PE sessions (Body coach TV on Youtube)


Rock Kidz will also be live at 2pm with live music, daily exercise and competitions. (Rock Kidz UK on Youtube) 


Don't forget you can find lots more ideas of things to keep you occupied on the letter that was sent home. 





Welcome to Year 6 - 2019-20 smiley


6B- Mrs Blain

6O- Mr Overs

6M- Miss McWhan

6T- Miss Thomas


Teaching assistants

Ms Johnson and Mrs Hignett


Looking ahead :


Year 6 residential- Monday 18th May- Wednesday 20th May


Look out for regular updates from Year 6 on Twitter.














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