Year 6

Welcome to the Year 6 class page! Year 6 is an important year as we prepare the children for the transition to high school and work hard towards the SATs where children have a chance to showcase everything they have learnt during their time in Rice Lane.

Ms Blain (6B)

Class Teacher

Assistant Headteacher

Miss Thomas (6T)

Class Teacher

Mr Overs (6O)

Class Teacher

Miss Mcwhan (6M)

Class Teacher

Mrs Devine

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Carter

Teaching Assistant

Important Year 6 Information:

  • Class 6T & 6M, please wear your PE kit to school on: Friday
  • Class 60 please wear your PE kit to school on: Tuesday
  • Class 6B please wear your PE kit to school on: Tuesday

(These days have changed this half term to accommodate the Liverpool Harriers who will now be delivering sessions to 6T and 6M)

  • Homework will be handed out on a Friday and will be due in on Tuesday of the following week. This will alternate between grammar and arithmetic.
  • To stay hydrated, you need to bring a water bottle into school every day.
  • The school day will start at 8:45am and will end at 3:30pm.

Year 6 Curriculum


English skills are used in all of our subjects and so we practice many of these skills every day through handwriting, reading, writing and spelling.

This term, in preparation for writing assessments, we will be revising everything we have learnt in English through a unit on Wolves. We will study the fiction text ‘Wolves in the Wall’ by Neil Gaiman and the non-fiction text ‘Ways of the Wolf’ by Smriti Prasadam-Halls. We will write a first-person narrative description of wolves in the wild, a balanced argument discussing human impact on wolves in the wild, an information text about wolves and a suspense narrative. Throughout these units we will be revising all sentence structures, punctation and grammatical techniques that children have learnt to this point. There will be a particular focus on using the passive voice to affect the presentation of information in a sentence, the use of question tags to show informality, use of a range of cohesive devices (such as conjunctions and adverbials) and the use of presentational features such as subheadings and bullet points. Children will also be encouraged to demonstrate their ability to use a range of punctuation: colons and semi colons in lists, commas to punctuate relative clauses, speech punctuation, hyphens to avoid ambiguity and the use of semi colons as a boundary between independent clauses.

We have a big focus on reading in Year 6, through daily whole class guided reading sessions and independent reading for pleasure time. Over the course of this term we will study a range of non-fiction, fiction and poetry texts using the skills of VIPERS – vocabulary, inference, prediction, explanation, retrieval and summarising to help us gain a good comprehension of the text as well as being fluent and expressive readers. It is important that children can read independently and have the stamina to read at length as we approach the SATs and we encourage children to read at home everyday either with an adult or independently for at least 10 minutes.


This term, we will be focusing on three core units of work: algebra, measure, and ratio/proportion. Within these units, children will be introduced to new concepts that build upon existing mathematical knowledge in preparation for the SAT tests later in the year.

Within our algebra unit, children will find and follow algebraic rules; use algebraic rules to solve problems; calculate missing-number values; and apply algebraic rules to solve more complex ‘real life’ scenarios.

Within out measure unit, children will convert between metric units of measure; solve worded problems using metric units; convert between imperial and metric units; calculate the area and perimeter of 2D shapes; and calculate the volume of 3D shapes.

Within our ratio/proportion unit, children will be introduced to ratio as a concept; apply known facts to solve ratio and scaling problems; and solve ‘real life’ scenarios involving ratio and proportion.

In addition to these three core units, children will practise their arithmetic and mental-maths strategies daily, including continuous revision of the ‘four operations’: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

Across the curriculum

This half term we will be classifying and distinguishing animals and plants in Science. In Design Technology, we are going to be learning how to sew and use recycled materials to make a cushion cover. We will continue to learn about keeping safe on-line through Computing as well as creating our own version of the popular app Crossy Roads using visual coding. In French we will learn how to talk about subjects we like and dislike at school and give reasons why. Our PSHE focus is learning the impact that drugs and alcohol can have on individuals and others. During our Religious Education lessons, we will consider the influence of Christianity on the world. PE lessons will focus on athletics and orienteering skills. During this action-packed term, weekly mindfulness sessions will also take place.


Year 6 Overview


Year 6 Sats will take place the week beginning 9th May 2022. This is a very important week for your children and they will have worked hard in the build-up to this point. Attendance is really important over this term.

Please click the link below which will help support parents with what to expect for SATs and how to support children at home.

National curriculum tests (SATs) at key stage 2


Keep checking the Year 6 twitter account for more activities we have been up to this term

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