Year 2

Welcome to the Year 2 class page! Year 2 is an important year as we prepare and work hard for SATs. Throughout the year we learn lots of new and exciting things.

This term we are learning about the Great Fire of London and creating our own Great Fire of London pictures using different media.

Mrs Hollis (2BH)

Class Teacher 

Mrs Brown (2BH)

Class Teacher

Mr Quirk (2Q)

Class Teacher

Mr Jones (2JM)

Class Teacher

Mrs Mckee (2JM)

Class Teacher

Mrs Richards

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Hignett

Teaching Asistant

Mrs Chadwick Morgan

Teaching Assistant

Important Year 2 Information:

  • Class 2BH & 2Q, please wear your PE kit to school on: Thursday
  • Class 2JM, please wear your PE kit to school on: Tuesday
  • To enable us to change reading books regularly, please bring your bookbag to school every day and make sure it is in school on a Friday.    
  • To stay hydrated, you need to bring a water bottle into school every day.
  • The school day will start at 8:45am and will end at 3:15pm.

Year 2 Curriculum


English skills are used in all of our subjects and so we practice many of these skills every day through handwriting, reading, writing and spelling.

This half term we will be working towards planning and writing our own story based on the text ‘Grandad’s Island’ by Benji Davies. We will look to plan and write a narrative where two characters are separated and one returns where they began. This will give the children the chance to use their imagination and all of the skills they have developed over the unit; including expanded noun phrases, using a range of punctuation and using conjunctions to extend their sentences.

In Year 2 we will continue to do our daily Read, Write, Inc lessons which includes a daily phonics session that will help to reinforce the children’s phonic knowledge. The children will bring home a book bag book that they have been reading in school during each RWI session.


This half term, we will focus on the properties of shapes. The children will be learning about the properties of 2D and 3D shapes as well as sorting 2D and 3D shapes in various groups based on their properties. The children will also learn about symmetry and how they can identify different lines of symmetry on a variety of 2D shapes.

The children will also focus on learning about fractions. In this unit the children will learning about the whole and equal parts; recognise and find a half; recognise and find a quarter; they will learn about unit fractions and will learn to count in halves and quarters.

We also focus on basic skills in Maths continually throughout the half term; including:

  • Developing our times tables knowledge (2’s, 5’s and 10’s).
  • Develop our place value knowledge and understanding (Representing numbers in different ways).
  • Developing our addition and subtraction knowledge and understanding (Adding 3 single digit numbers, adding and subtracting 2-digit numbers).

Across the Curriculum

We have covered so much in Year 2 already and can’t wait to get stuck onto even more exciting topics this half term! In Science we are looking at Plants and what they need to grow and survive. In Geography we are learning about cold and hot climates around the world. We will also look to locate the 7 continents and 5 oceans of the world. In Computing the children are taking the role of authors to write the sequel to popular children’s stories. They will create illustrations for their story and record them, self-reading it in order to create an audiobook to publish online. In Design Technology this half term, the children will design and make a photo frame. They will explore different structures and investigate ways in which they can make a structure strong and stable. Our PHSE topic is called ‘Healthy Me’ and we are looking at why foods and medicines can be good for our bodies comparing our ideas with less healthy and unsafe choices. In RE, we are learning to re-tell the Easter story and understand what Jesus’ resurrection means for Christians.

Year 2 Overview


Please click the link below which will help support parents with what to expect for SATs and how to support children at home. 


Keep checking the Year 2 twitter account for more activities we have been up to this term

Year 2 Twitter – @Year2RiceLane