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Year 1

Daily tasks: Thursday 26th March


Our magic number of the day is 15. How many different ways can you make 15? (E.g. 20-5=15)

Could you use real life objects to show your findings and Tweet us?

You could then play addition and subtraction games on Topmarks. 😊



Read one of your favourite books to your grownup. Can you retell them the story once you have read it? 😊



Play ‘Grab a giggling grapheme’ on PhonicsPlay with Phase 3 sounds- ai, ee, igh, oa.  

Can you click on the alien that matches the sound?

Challenge: Can you think of any words that contain that sound?


Get active:

Joe Wicks (The Body Coach) will be doing his daily workout on his YouTube channel ‘Body Coach TV’ at 9am! Don’t miss it- us teachers have been joining in too!  😉 Or you may want to have a boogie to a GoNoodle video- also on YouTube.



Have you chosen a country from around the world yet? If so, think about the food that you would like to eat if you got to visit this country. Perhaps you could design a menu? Don’t forget to Tweet any of your gorgeous work! (@RiceLanePrimary)

Artful Daily Challenge

Artful Daily Challenge  1 If you are feeling creative then take part in the #artfuldailychallenge :). Today's challenge is to draw a camel. Happy hump day!

Daily tasks: Wednesday 25th March



How many ways can you make the number 12?

Look below to find an example we made earlier for 10.



Enjoy some reading for pleasure time with a grown up in your house.

Could you draw a picture of a character from the story and tell us a little bit about them?



Have a go at Picnic on Pluto on Phonics Play.  Can you sound out and read the real and nonsense words and give them to the correct alien?  Choose one of our tricky phase 5 sounds.  Can you make up some silly sentences using some of the words you read?


Get active:

Don’t forget to tune in to today’s latest workout from The Body Coach! Or, if you need some calm down time why not try some cosmic yoga.  There are lots of different themes to choose from:



Have you started to learn about a country from around the world?  Remember it could be somewhere we already learnt about in class.  Could you make a picture or model of a famous landmark from your chosen country?

Tuesday 24th March


Daily tasks:


Join Joe Wicks at the Body Coach You Tube at 9am for his daily P.E. Being active is so important and a great way get motivated to start your day.  This can be accessed through smarttv, laptop, phone, tablet etc.  See yesterday's tasks for link. 


Reading: Snuggle and read a book to your grown up. Can you read them your key words?




Get 10 cheerios, sweets, teabags, whatever you can find! How many different ways can you make 10? Can you write the number sentence to show how many you had in total?


Now try with 20 .... did you find any patterns? 




Play a game of buried treasure (we have worked up to phase 5) on phonicsplay. Can you soundtalk the words to your grown up as you put them in the trash or treasure? Remember to not let those trickster digraph and trigraphs trip you up! Can you write down some of those tricky digraphs and trigraphs for your grown ups so they don't get tricked too! 




Complete a writing challenge from your home learning project.


Feel free to tweet any of your home learning. We would love to see what you have been up to.





Monday 23rd March - Home Learning 


Welcome to our year 1 home learning page. Please find below your learning challenges for today. 


Maths:  Play Addition Impossible on

login: PupilRL


go to Maths - Year 1. 


English: Complete phonics activity map attached.


Geography: Can you identify and find the seven continents on a map?  


Physical Activity : Joe Wicks, the Body Coach, is doing a live Kids workout at 9am every day to enjoy whilst at home! If you can't access it live, you can go to the YouTube channel and access his workouts at a time to suit you. 

Go to his YouTube channel following this link...


Music/PHSE: At 2pm every day, Rock Kidz will also be streaming a session on their YouTube channel. Go to their YouTube channel by following this link...


Enjoy! 😁


Welcome to the Year 1 webpage. 

We hope this will keep you fully informed of activities and events happening in Year 1. We will also use this webpage to give parents the best information of how to support the learning and development of your child when at home, to compliment school activities. 

Please also follow us on Twitter @Year1RiceLane.


Year 1 Staff

1W Teacher - Miss Wynne


1K Teacher - Mrs Kelly


1DH Teachers - Mrs Dean and Mrs Hunter


Year 1 Support Staff

 Mrs Carey and Mrs Campbell







Spelling homework will be sent home on a Friday to return back to school on the following Thursday.  

The spelling test itself will be on Thursdays. 


Math's homework is sent on a Friday to be returned on a Tuesday.



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