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Daily tasks: Wednesday 1st April



Sticking with our money theme for the week, have a try at Smooth Shoppers on Education City.  You’ll have lots of fun scanning the shopping and working out how much change the shoppers would get from 20p. Think about counting back from 20 to help you.

Could you use your own shop items and continue the game with your adult/brother/sister?



Enjoy reading a book with an adult at home.

Can you tell them what your favourite part of the story was?  Could you draw a picture of your favourite part?



Have you read any of the comics on Phonics Play?  ‘The Holiday’ practises the phase 5 sounds ay, ou, ie  and ea.

Could you have a phonics battle with your adult?  Call out a word that uses one of the sounds e.g. play.  Your adult then has to think of another.  Who will struggle to think of another word first?


Get active:

Don’t forget to tune in to today’s latest workout from The Body Coach! Or, if you need some calm down time why not try some cosmic yoga.  There are lots of different themes to choose from:



What food would you like to try from your chosen country around the world?

Could you do some research about different foods and make a mini menu for a restaurant/café?

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