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Wednesday 20th May


Hello everyone! It’s going to be a scorcher today so make sure you get this work done so you can enjoy the sunshine!





Some activities for you to use what you already know about mixed numbers to learn something new!




Should be a breeze this one; modal verbs! You already know so much about these.


Also, don’t forget, you’ve got access to plenty of books on for you get reading, 20 minutes a day!





Join us for our usual 10am hive game - 21 is the most we have had. The code is 795291, and the focus is the suffix -cial. Good luck!





Time for some fun with magnets!

Remember, Mr Kendrew also posted a science lesson using Marvel characters on our YouTube channel this week!



Don’t forget to log in and log your activities against the other classes on Surely 5K can’t still be the most active class?


We love seeing what you’re doing at home through our Twitter page or our email so please send in what you do so that we can stay in touch!

Wednesday 13th May

Morning everyone! Welcome to today’s home learning page


Spelling shed

Join us for our hive game at 10am as usual. Today we are using words ending in able. Our code is 548814.



Join Mrs Smith on our YouTube channel for the final instalment. This should be uploaded by lunchtime. How will things end for Zoe?



Happy national Numeracy today

Mr Kendrew has set some challenges for you on our Youtube channel. Have a peek!

Today’s maths work.

Today on Bitesize it is making improper fractions in to mixed numbers. We have covered this in depth in maths this year and they were brilliant at it.



Today’s task it to create a debate. Complete the videos and activities and then it asks you to write a debate about keeping litter out of the ocean OR you could write it about any subject that you feel passionate about. Try using a range of the 9 sentence types: see, smell, touch, taste, hear, speech, thoughts, feelings and movement. By using a range of these, you will vary your argument and get the reader to understand your points more. Don’t forget, you’re more than welcome to film or write you debates and send them to us at



Today’s science lesson is about adaptations in animals. How have the changed to live in their environment? Watch the 3 videos and complete the 3 activities.

Wednesday 6th May

Here are today’s activities for you:



This lesson will help you to learn how to use alliterations and onomatopoeias in a setting description. There are 3 videos to watch and 3 activities to complete.  


Spelling: There will be a hive game on spellingshed at 10am. Today we will be revising year 3/4 challenge words. The code is 586359. We had 20 spellers yesterday, it would be lovely to see how many we can get today!


Reading: Don’t forget to check our new virtual library on Ask your parents/carers for your class code that was sent via an email or an app.



Week 3- Lesson 3 ‘Divide with remainders’. This is something that we practised together in school so hopefully you will remember this skill. Even though you are dividing you need to use your times tables to solve the division calculation (for example ‘How many 3s go into 9?...3 because 3x3=9). Tip: jot down the times tables on paper if you are unsure.


TTrockstars: Get ready for round 2 of Rockstars Cup at 2pm (ish).



This lesson will teach you about how plants reproduce. It is a great reminder of the importance of bees in our environment.



Remember to log on any physical activity onto

The weekly goals set by Mr Lockley are as followed:

5W: 8 physical activities

5S: 10 physical activities

5K: 30 physical activities (because you did so well last week and reached your target!).


Keep smiling, you are doing great!


Wednesday 29th April

Now that the rain is here you have got no excuse not to do any work!!

Here are today’s activities for you:


This lesson will help you to identify and understand how to use an ellipsis…

Watch the 2 videos and complete the activities to practise using ellipsis for different purposes. One of the writing activities uses ‘The Iron Man’ by Ted Hughes, do you remember reading it in Y4?

Spelling: There will be a hive game on spellingshed at 10am to practise words ending in ‘cious’ The code is 521998.

Reading: Check out Rice Lane Youtube channel to catch up with all the chapters from Floodland that Mrs Smith has been reading so far.


Complete lesson 3: ‘Adding decimals with a different number of decimal places.’

Be very careful with how you set up the additions, check the value of each digit. Remember to check the answers after you have answered all the questions so that you can see where you have made some mistakes and why. You just need to click on ‘Get the answers’.

TTrockstars: We have been challenged by Y4 to compete against them! Just play a few games on your own and your score will be added to the whole of the Y5 team.


This lesson will tell you everything you need to know about how to mix and dissolve and also how to separate out mixtures. If your parents/carers are not too busy, ask them to help you to carry out the experiments with rice/pasta, water, salt/sugar. Let us know how you got on!


Remember to log on any physical activity onto, you could win a mini basket ball set!

Cooking with Mr Kendrew:

Here is the link to a Youtube cooking session with our own chef…Mr Kendrew!

Bon appétit!



Wednesday 22nd April

Here are today’s activities for you:



Today we are looking at newspaper reports!

Follow along with the lesson on the link and complete the 3 activities that are given to you.

Or….. if you are missing us too much, here is a link to a YouTube lesson that Mr Kendrew made a few weeks ago about creating newspaper reports!



This lesson is about using decimals, just like you have been doing this week. You will have to use your skills in addition and subtract to make 1. You will also be able to use your knowledge of number bonds to 10 and 100 to help you, and the video will show you how.

Once you have done this, Mr Kendrew has set an extra challenge for you to have a go at with the following video:



This lesson is a nice recap back to our first half term together, all about our solar system!

You should fly through the videos and activities as you already know so much about the topic.

If you want to learn more about our solar system go to this website:

Then your challenge is to create 5 questions based on what you see and to either tweet them to our Year 5 page or email them to the school closure email address, and your teachers will have a go at answering them!



Don’t forget to also get plenty of exercise.

I’ve loved seeing videos of children getting creative in their back garden, just like this:

We’d love it if you made the time to do a similar thing and send yours in!


Remember to send any completed work or questions to


Keep smiling, you are doing great!

Wednesday 1st April


Firstly, please get your parents to follow our Twitter! We’re keeping track of things with you guys on @Year5RiceLane. We also have a YouTube Year 5 Rice Lane channel for your parents to subscribe to, but we’ll post links to the videos on Twitter and here anyway.

Maths – Well done on following the video for ordering decimals yesterday. Today, let’s put that into practise. Here’s what you need to do:

Step 1 – go on Wikipedia

Step 2 – search for any of the following things:

  • The last starting 11 of your favourite football team
  • Your top 10 favourite singers
  • Your 10 favourite YouTubers

Step 3 – look at their height. It should appear as a number with 2 decimal places. Make a note of all of them.

Step 4 – order them, from smallest to tallest.

Step 5 – Tweet us or email in your work to


English – complete 10 different texts on Read Theory. After that, follow this link:

You may remember in class we have created pages with a new photo where we Observe, Wonder and Infer. We’d like you to do this for the photo on the following link.

Observe – this is retrieval, say what you see

Wonder – ask questions, what would you like to know that you can’t tell from the photo?

Infer – inference, tell me what you think that can’t be proved by the photo, but that you can back up with a piece of evidence.


RE/PSHE – Currently, due to the Coronavirus, all places of worship are closed to avoid mass gatherings. This is for all religions.

In English before we closed, we learned how to make a balanced argument. We would like you to do the same here. A bit like Mr Kendrew’s Argument of the Week in his classroom, we would like 5 arguments for (to say that places of worship should be closed) and 5 arguments against (to say that places of worship should be kept open).

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