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Wednesday 15th July 2020



Spelling Shed - Work on your spellings. Check Twitter for Hive games!

TT Rock Stars - Go to the arena today. Check Twitter for updates on battles!


Here is today's work...

English -Komodo Dragons

Today,  we would like you to edit the descriptive work that you did yesterday and then write it up neatly. Check:

  • Have you used capital letters and full stops?
  • Have you used 2 adjectives together with a comma in-between?
  • Have you used an adverbial phrase at the beginning of your sentences with a comma after it?
  • Have you checked the spelling of your words?On 

Now use the template below to copy up your work and email it to us or upload it onto twitter.


Here is some fun craft for you to try. All you need to make this mythical dragon in one paper plate, some glue and colouring pens.

Paper Plate Dragon

Fantasy fun! You will need: 1 paper plate glue or tape markers pencil scissors

Well Being Wednesday - Speading My Wings

Today, we are continuing to think about moving on to the next part of your school journey. Some children may be excited about this, while others may be a little more apprehensive. Watch the video below and discuss how you are feeling with an adult.



The Cautious Caterpillar | Twinkl Originals Children's Book Reading

This week's 'Share a Story' pack is 'The Cautious Caterpillar'. Cody is feeling worried about change. Have you ever felt worried about things changing? Read ...

Now, if you are a little apprehensive why not make a sock puppet so that you can feed you sock puppet you worries. As we are thinking about dragons this week, why not make your sock puppet into a dragon.

How to make a Sock Puppet? Here's a fun way to create sock puppet.

Our Planet

Both the WWF and Wildlife Trust have developed a series of engaging lessons/activities for your child, to help them learn about the planet on which we live. These may interest you too! For more information visit the 'Our Planet' splat on our web page.

Please make sure you tweet us some of your activities! We would love to see how you are enjoying your home learning.

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