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Wednesday 1st April

It’s Wednesday and we’re now half way through week 2 of home learning.  Here are today’s activities, we hope that you enjoy them!


Cosmic Kids Yoga- Why not start the day with some Cosmic Kids yoga? This will help to make you feel calm and focussed on your daily tasks. There are plenty of activities on there!


Education City Maths- There are plenty of addition and subtraction games on education city for you try, you could even teach the adults at home the column method that we use in school! Remember, don’t move on until you’re ready!


Once your maths brain is warmed up try the addition and subtraction word problems. Then your adults at home can mark your answers (provided on page 2).


Art- Look out on twitter for the daily Artful Challenge that we post!


Reading- Choose one of your favourite books to read. You could read to a sibling, parent/carer or even record yourself reading and tweet it for your friends to listen to and enjoy!


English/ Computing- Why not create and record your own newsround about something going on right now? It could be about your family, your daily routine or sharing some fantastic and fun home learning activities that you’ve taken part in! We would love to see these on twitter.


Check out newsround for updates.


I particularly enjoyed this video ‘How to Boss relaxing at home.’


We’ve set lots of activities for you to do each day, but we want you to remember you need to enjoy some time relaxing and doing things that you love. I’ll certainly be checking out Disney+!

Addition and subtraction word problems

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