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Tuesday 31st March 


Physical : You can continue to find Joe Wick's daily sessions on YouTube at The Body Coach. If you fancy something a little bit different and calmer, you could try cosmic yoga to relax, strengthen and stretch. CosmicKidsYoga can be found on YouTube and is easy to follow as you follow the moves while being transported through the story.


Maths: Yesterday, you began to explore money through your home shop! Today, try and find with your grown up these coins: 1p, 2p, 5p, 10p, 20p, 50p, £2. Can you draw around them and label them? Can you remember what coins they are without looking at the number? Which coins are little? What types of shapes are they? You may want to make more to continue to use in your shop. You could play coin snap with your grown up  - you each put a coin down and when 2 go down that are the same, you can say snap and win them. CHALLENGE: Can you use your sounds to write the number names of the coins? TIP - you might find some on the coins smiley


Reading: Visit and read Midnight Moon (Phase 4). Can you think of some alien names for our main characters? CHALLENGE: Can you give them names using the trigraphs ear or air? 


Writing: Can you make your own comic with your alien characters? Use the story pattern from Midnight Moon to help you ... what do your aliens find under the toadstool?  What do they find at the bottom of the tree trunk? You can find an example of a comic layout on the DIY subpage. There are also printables available here too. Make sure your letters are starting in the right place. Have you used capital letters at the beginning of a sentence and full stops at the end of the sentence? CHALLENGE: Can you use an exclamation mark?


Geography: Can you tweet us some of the facts that you found out about Antarctica yesterday? CHALLENGE: If I wanted to visit, what would you recommend that I pack in my suitcase?




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