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Tuesday 31st March



For today’s Maths, a great website is Classroom Secrets. Click on the ‘Kids’ tab at the top of the page and create a free account to access lots of great content. You just need to add a beta account to your cart, it shows up as £0.00 and you do not need to put any payment details in. You will use this website for the History task below too.


Today we want you to order decimals. To do this we start by looking at the whole number, then we move across to the right looking at each digit, starting with the tenths, then the hundredths and so on.

1.345 > 1.335

I know 1.345 is bigger because it has more hundredths. Have an adult show you some more examples if you are unsure.

Then have a little go at the game below.

Then for those children who love a challenge…


Here is a handy step-by-step video from Mr Kendrew to help you out if you're struggling:



Join our Zoom call at 11am to hear children’s writing as they retell the story of The Viewer. Details will be app’d out in the morning.



We would like you to research what an Anglo Saxon house was like. Here are a few to get you started.


Then have a go at labelling the house below. Have a research about the things that you didn’t know.


We will use this for a little DT Task tomorrow 😊




Go and have a look at the webcams of animals in San Diego Zoo. There are many zoos that do this across the world – just google zoo web cam and places nearer to home pop up. Please take in to account the time difference with San Diego - we recommend this is one for the afternoon.

Watch the animals in their habitats 😊

Tuesday 24th March


Hi everyone, we hope that you are enjoying the sunshine and getting plenty of fresh air. 

These are your tasks for today: 


*Maths: Complete p.30 and 31 of your CGP Maths homework book (Adding and subtracting fractions).


*English: Complete one of the writing tasks from your Anglo-Saxon project (the whole project is attached to our Year 5 page). 


Have a look on youtube for The training Space channel- you can complete some activities about The Blue umbrella or join in with live sessions at 9:45: sentence stacking or 10:30: story writing.


*PSHE: If you get a chance to go for a little walk in your street...can you spot any pictures of rainbows on people's windows? Why not make your own rainbow to share a bit of happiness?


Keep safe everyone! 

Year 5 teachers 




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