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Tuesday 31st March

Good morning children, here are today’s home learning tasks.


Wake up with Joe Wicks- exercising makes us feel positive, happy and increases our strength in our muscles and bones. Don’t forget to get the adults at home involved too!


Reading- please read with an adult for 20 minutes. You can take turns to read to each other and discuss the pages in detail. Remember children, reading regularly helps to improve your understanding, extends your vocabulary as you are exposed to new words and also helps to improve your spelling. It is super important!


Art-Why not try one of the artful challenges? We’ve chosen ‘drawing daisies’ for today. Check out the image posted on twitter (tweets are also available on the year 3 page) We would love you to tweet us yours!


Writing- Follow the link below to go to Pobble 365 ‘Animal Town’ complete the writing task explained on the page, you have to write your experience of visiting Animal Town.

We would love you to tweet or email us your writing, it would brighten up our day 😊


TT Rockstars- keep going with TT Rockstars, I’m sure there will be many more battles coming up in the future.


Keep smiling 😊

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