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Thursday 26th March


Hello Everyone, we hope you are all well and keeping safe but also keeping active.


  • We would like you to start your day with PE with the Body Coach live on his youtube channel at 9am. Don’t worry if you miss it or can’t start it at 9, you can watch it at anytime throughout the day on his YouTube channel but make sure you do it!



Please read the first page of the attached document below – this will be handy for science later!

The technical vocab they will find tricky is in bold writing. To work out unfamiliar vocab, it is nice for children to first guess what they think it could mean. Then they research the word and try and explain it in context of the text. Sometimes it is good to create a vocab poster with the meanings as a reference point for them.


  • Maths

Today’s maths work has been set on Education City. Your child has their log in in their learning at home packs. If they access it via their own log in, we can see who has completed the work.

Alternatively, children can use the main login for school if they were not here to collect their packs.




The work set is Maths >  year 5 > fractions > making a splash

Also Maths > year 5 > place value > arcade champion.



Please go on to ‘The Training Space’ YouTube channel.


From here please watch the first video


Then the second video


Then this video guides them in writing sentences for one chunk of the video


As this is from Tuesday this week, children will not be able to send their work in to be read out. However, Jane Considine will be doing these sentence stacking sessions daily. If you want to join in, the first video is shown at 9:45am and the shared writing element is at 10:30. The writing can then be sent in to Jane electronically to make a collaborative story.



Use the text you looked at in reading this morning to create a lifecycle of an amphibian. You can choose a salamander or a frog. There is a template provided as an idea but this does not need to be used.

Extension – can you research another amphibian to draw a life cycle of. Can you notice a pattern. What makes an amphibian an amphibian?



Keep your eyes peeled on our twitter page and our school app system as we will hold a hive game between 11am and 12pm. You just need to look out for the code to join.


Finished all of these but want more?

Have a look in the home learning packs provided for additional activities.


  • Please go for a walk or play in your garden if you have one. Go outside and get some fresh air.
  • Do something kind to help someone else in your house
  • Tidy your bedroom – this is your teacher telling you to do it so you have to!

Resources for reading and science

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