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Thursday 9th July


Good Morning year 5, here are your tasks for the day...



Today's English is a nice SPAG recap of all the grammar taught so far. 




Today in maths we are looking at something called the 'mean'. We have used this in science before when we work out the average of results. The mean is mean because it lets all the numbers add up together but then it's mean by making them all split up again - that's how Mrs Smith remembers it! 


TT ROCKSTARS - Today is Y5 vs Y4 - WHO WILL WIN? Log on between 10am and 12pm and play for it to count towards our year 5 score. Find out the winner on our twitter feed above after the battle has finished. 




Today you are continuing to look at different sources of Energy and how we use them.



Don't forget about your animal projects. In our bubble we have created posters with art work on as well as a poster classifying different living things. Why don't you have a go at something similar at home. 







Thursday 2nd July


Good morning year 5, here are your learning tasks for today



Some more work on 3D shapes today.




Today we are focussing a little more on that direct and indirect speech we looked at yesterday. We covered this when we looked at our Varmints newspaper article so this should be a nice refresher. 



Have a little look over on twitter, or have a look at our twitter feed on the main page. We have been making mindfulness glitter jars and fortune tellers in our school bubbles. We have put some pictures on our twitter how to make them.




Some familiar faces visited Chester Zoo recently and answered some questions we all had about animals. 

As a school, we want you to create a project based on.

Different classifications of living things. What is the difference between a mammal, amphibian, reptile, bird and fish? Can you tell us about any of their habitats.

Can you tell us the life cycles of any of these classifications? 


Please be creative as like showing your research. It can be a poster, video, powerpoint, leaflet... be as creative as you like. 


Any pictures or emailed projects will be entered in a draw to win a special prize. Please email in no later than Wednesday 15th July to


We can't wait to see what you come up with!









Thursday 25th June

Happy Thursday everyone…. another lovely day ahead!

Here are your lessons for the day:

**There will be a ttrockstars battle today, Y5 versus Y6! Play any games between 10am and 12am and your scores will be automatically added to Y5 coins.


English: Grammar focus: you will learn how to use parenthesis, especially in a biography.


Maths: More on shapes today: you will classify different triangles based on their properties. Think equilateral, isosceles and scalene!


Geography: This lesson will be the first of two lessons on how we produce energy. Remember to pause the video when the teacher tells you to so that you can complete the tasks.




Thursday 18th June


Good Morning Year 5. You know the routine by now wink Let's see what we have in store for you today...


Spelling shed


Join us for our 10am hive game with the code 313108. Today we are recapping some year 3 and 4 challenge words.




Today you are multiplying 3 digit by 2 digit numbers. We have covered this already in class so it should be a nice revision for us all.

Please note: We call the 'area model' talked about in the video the 'grid method'. Children should be confident using this or using the efficient method also shown in the video in the squared paper like box.




Today in English you are looking at adverbs of possibility. Not to be confused with modal verbs. Sometimes they may be called modal adverbs. Remember, most, but not all, adverbs end in 'ly'.




We are carrying on with our RE unit on Buddhism


Extra bits...


Don't forget to go on to Get Epic, Read Theory and TT rockstars.













Thursday 11th June


Happy Thursday! Here are your learning activities today...


Spelling Shed

 Join us for our usual 10am Hive game slot.


Today we are using the suffix ent and ence




Today you are multiplying decimals using a formal method. Just like money! Remember, the decimal point never moves!


TT rockstars - There is a battle between year 4 and year 5 going on right now - let's show them how we do it in Y5! 




Today is a nice recap on Modal Verbs before we start using them in our Non Chron report tomorrow. 

We have covered these in year 5 already so I know you will be brilliant with them!





Today in French, you are looking at how to talk about your hobbies!




Today in RE we are starting a new topic on Buddhism


Don't forget. We love to see you reading on Get Epic and Read Theory too!












Thursday 4th June


Good morning Y5!  




Spellingshed hive game at 10am. The code is 561469 and you will be asked to spell words with the prefix ‘-bi’.


Ttrockstars: Y5 boys vs Y5 girls. The battle ends on Friday evening. Just log on to take part and add some points for your team! find a book that you like and read it online. There are also some audiobooks for you to listen to.


Here are today’s lesson from the Oak National Academy website:


*English: In this lesson you will focus on the use of speech in a story. Can you remember all the rules for it? Try and list them before you watch the video.


*Maths: This lesson will teach you different methods to add decimals. Be careful not to make some of the most common mistakes when you complete the independent tasks! You will be reminded of them in the video.


*RE: In this lesson you will learn about the Buddhist festival called Wesak.


And let’s not forget…PE with Joe Wicks!


Have a great day!


Thursday 21st May


Happy Thursday! Here are today’s tasks.



Join us for our usual 10am hive game with the code 853875

Today we are recapping words with the k sound spelt with a ch like Christmas.



Today you are learning how to write a thank you later. Which is a lovely link to us sharing photos of us being kind. Maybe someone has been kind to you and you could use the skills you are going to learn to write a thank you letter to them.

Have a look at the videos and complete the activities or write a thank you letter to someone who you care about and would like to see smile.



Today in maths you are subtracting mixed number fractions. Have a look at the video and the step by step guide and it will be easy. We have already covered this in maths this year so it will be a good recap!



Today you are looking at what makes a good computer game

You then get the chance to design your own character and play a code cracking game. Maybe even create a new game on Minecraft!


Thursday 14th May 


Morning everyone - how is it Thursday already!

Here are your tasks for today...



Check out the last installment of Floodland on our YouTube channel. Feel free to watch over videos while you are there too :) 



Today's maths is one I know we will all be great at because we have done this already in year 5. 

We are ordering and comparing fractions where the denominators are multiples of the same number. To do this they need to make all the denominators the same. Remember our song: WHATEVER YOU DO TO THE BOTTOM, YOU'VE GOT TO DO TO THE TOP!




Today in English you are looking at recounts! Have a watch of the videos and recap all the features of recounts thanks to the fabulous Michael Rosen. Then have a go creating a recount about the moon landing after watching the video.



Join us for our usual 10am hive game - 21 is the most we have had. Can we beat that tomorrow? The code is 897327. We will be recapping some of our year 3 and 4 spelling words. 


Design Technology

Today in DT, you are designing packaging for products. We would love to see some of your designs so tweet them to us or email us as



Thursday 7th May


Morning everyone! Here are your tasks for today.




Today you are calculating perimeter. You all should be great at this as we have covered this already in class. Remember area is the inside perimeter is the outside. For the perimeter, we have to add all of the sides together.




Join us for our hive game at 10am. The rule is words ending in ant. Our code is 417007




Have a look on our Rice Lane Primary YouTube channel for the next instalment of Floodland. This will be available by lunchtime. We will be on part 14!



In English today, you will be looking at two extracts of Tell Me No Lies by Malorie Blackman. Mrs Smith has just finished a book by Malorie Blackman at home too!

Once you have listened to the extracts, activity 1 wants you to tell me 4 impressions you have of the character from extract 1 and find evidence in the text that makes you think this (you have a copy of the text to help you with this.)

After you had read extract 2, there is a deeper thinking question about the character of Nan. Use the sentence builders given to you on the website to help build your answer.



If you want to take this a little further, have a go at activity 3 (optional)



Have a go at algorithm and debugging programs. I know that you have had a go at this already in school by making programs on scratch and working out what is stopping something from working.




Tomorrow is 75 days since VE day (Victory in Europe) which marked the defeat of Nazi Germany and the end of the war in Europe. The war however continued until August in Japan. Whilst tomorrow is the Bank Holiday for VE day and we will not be setting any school work, we will post some VE day activities on the website to complete with your family. They may help you get ready for any parties you may be having. Have a look on Friday's page for this info :) Don't forget to tweet us pictures. Tag us and use the hashtag #RiceLaneVEDAY75

Thursday 30th April


HIVE GAME – 10am – 240 245


Times Tables Rockstars Cup – Round 4 – 2pm (ish)



Time for some brackets…

Follow along with the lesson on the link and complete the 3 activities that are given to you.



This lesson (lesson 4 on Week c/ 27th April) is about subtracting decimals, using place values columns just like you would for any number. This is particularly tricky when there are a different number of decimal places, so don’t forget to write your place value columns out first! Follow along with the questions and if you get stuck, don’t hesitate to send an email to and one of the lovely Year 5 teachers will send you a reply with some helpful tips.



All about Islam today..

This should be things you’ve already covered but it’s a nice refresher.

More topically, we are currently in the Islamic period of Ramadan. Here is a video to help you learn a little more about it:

However, Ramadan in lockdown must be a tricky business. I’d like you to make your own ‘Argument of the Week’ board, like in Mr Kendrew’s class. It’s explained in this video here:


Remember to send any completed work or questions to


Keep smiling, you are doing great!

Thursday 23rd April


Morning year 5! Are you ready for another jam packed day of learning?



Today we are looking at expanded noun phrases


Have a look at the video and quiz on activity one. I know most of us are good at using expanded noun phrases, but this will be a nice refresher. Once you have done this, have a go at creating a setting description for the picture below.

Your challenge is to use a range of sentence types from our 9 sentences. Try and not say I could see, I could smell and so on. You could try starting your sentences with adjectives, feelings or even similes.

We would love to see you writing so please email a picture in to if you would like your teacher to see it.



Today we are on lesson 4 and we are adding decimals crossing over in to whole numbers. Don’t worry, I know you’ll be amazing at it. It’s just like adding money – remember that decimal point never moves!



Have  watch of the videos of music and pitch and then find a song that you love right now and look for the things that you have learnt in that song.




Join us for a hive game at 10:30am. It will be on silent letters, let see what you can remember 😊

The code for this is 786335.

There have also been spellings set on spelling shed for you all to do.




Mrs Smith has been reading Floodland by Marcus Sedgwick on our YouTube channel? Have you been listening along? The new video will be released this morning.  Remember, have a look in the video description underneath and there is always a little extra task that will only take a few minutes.

Thursday 2nd April

Hi everyone, we hope that you are all well and keeping safe.

Here are your tasks for today:



Go on ttrockstars to check if a teacher or a friend has challenged you to a ‘Rockslam’ battle. Why not challenge one of your friends or your teacher to see who is the fastest at recalling multiplication and division facts?


There is a great website called White Rose home learning that provides you with mini lessons and relevant activities. I would like you to go onto the Year 5 page, then click on ‘week 1’ and complete lesson 1. Watch the lesson (it is less than 5 minutes long) and complete the 9 questions about decimals up to 2 decimal places.



Go on to complete some quizzes. This will help to maintain your great reading and comprehension skills!


Have a look at David Webb is a children’s author from Liverpool. You can read about his life on the ‘Meet the author’ page then complete his writing challenge: to write a diary entry called ‘Trouble at school’! The diary should be about a day at school where EVERYTHING went wrong. Follow the link for some ideas on what to include. You have all worked really hard in school on writing different diary entries so now is the time to show off everything you have learnt!

Please remember to send your writing to us via the email , we are looking forward to reading all your funny ideas!


Also, don’t forget to check our Rice Lane Primary Youtube channel where Mrs Smith has been reading the 1st two chapters of a great book called Floodland by Marcus Sedgwick.



Practising your French skills is just as important as working on your English and Maths (yes, it’s me, Mrs Williams typing your tasks today!) so….go on and play the games about numbers to 100, family members or clothes.


Have a great day everyone!



Thursday 26th March


Hello Everyone, we hope you are all well and keeping safe but also keeping active.


  • We would like you to start your day with PE with the Body Coach live on his youtube channel at 9am. Don’t worry if you miss it or can’t start it at 9, you can watch it at anytime throughout the day on his YouTube channel but make sure you do it!



Please read the first page of the attached document below – this will be handy for science later!

The technical vocab they will find tricky is in bold writing. To work out unfamiliar vocab, it is nice for children to first guess what they think it could mean. Then they research the word and try and explain it in context of the text. Sometimes it is good to create a vocab poster with the meanings as a reference point for them.


  • Maths

Today’s maths work has been set on Education City. Your child has their log in in their learning at home packs. If they access it via their own log in, we can see who has completed the work.

Alternatively, children can use the main login for school if they were not here to collect their packs.




The work set is Maths >  year 5 > fractions > making a splash

Also Maths > year 5 > place value > arcade champion.



Please go on to ‘The Training Space’ YouTube channel.


From here please watch the first video


Then the second video


Then this video guides them in writing sentences for one chunk of the video


As this is from Tuesday this week, children will not be able to send their work in to be read out. However, Jane Considine will be doing these sentence stacking sessions daily. If you want to join in, the first video is shown at 9:45am and the shared writing element is at 10:30. The writing can then be sent in to Jane electronically to make a collaborative story.



Use the text you looked at in reading this morning to create a lifecycle of an amphibian. You can choose a salamander or a frog. There is a template provided as an idea but this does not need to be used.

Extension – can you research another amphibian to draw a life cycle of. Can you notice a pattern. What makes an amphibian an amphibian?



Keep your eyes peeled on our twitter page and our school app system as we will hold a hive game between 11am and 12pm. You just need to look out for the code to join.


Finished all of these but want more?

Have a look in the home learning packs provided for additional activities.


  • Please go for a walk or play in your garden if you have one. Go outside and get some fresh air.
  • Do something kind to help someone else in your house
  • Tidy your bedroom – this is your teacher telling you to do it so you have to!

Resources for reading and science

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