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Thursday 25th June 2020


TT Rock Stars and Spelling Shed - Why not challenge a friend (or two) to a times table or spelling competition?

Each Thursday at 11 am Oak Academy hold and online assembly. These provide opportunities to hear form some inspirational guest speakers, including the first British astronaut, the cast of the Lion King and the Archbishop of Canterbury. You will find links to these assemblies below...


Reach For The Stars


Watch the following video about Ezra French.

Ezra French is a superhero! what are his super powers? What positive things do you think he says to himself to stay positive?

The Inspirational Story Of 9-Year-Old Ezra Frech

To support and learn more about Ezra, follow him on Facebook. Subscribe! What It's Reall...

A superhero often has a shield to defend him/her. Design your own shield to help you 'bat away' those negative feelings. You could design/make a shield out of card/felt tips and then write positive sentences on it. Please tweet of email any shields.

Story Time

Here is chapter 16 of 'The Boy Who Grew Dragons' by Andy Shepherd.

The Boy Who Grew Dragons Readalong - Chapter 16

The Boy Who Grew Dragons is a delightful debut novel from author Andy Shepherd, illustrated by Sara Ogilvie, and published by Piccadilly Press. Shortlisted f...

Oak Academy also provide activity clubs each week run by their brilliant partners, with activities like cook-a-longs, arts and debating clubs. Please take a look at the splat on the previous page called Oak Academy Clubs to see if you fancy trying any out!

Our Planet

Both the WWF and Wildlife Trust have developed a series of engaging lessons/activities for your child, to help them learn about the planet on which we live. These may interest you too! For more information visit the 'Our Planet' splat on our web page.

Please make sure you tweet us some of your activities! We would love to see how you are enjoying your home learning.

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