We look forward to welcoming our children back on Monday 8th March 2021 - there are staggered timings please see parent zone for further information
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Spreading My Wings

Today we are going to look at "thoughts".


What are thoughts?


Watch this video to help you to understand.


Mindfulness for Kids - Learning about our thoughts

In this video, we talk about thoughts. Thoughts are like bubbles and it is in us, to pop these bubbles as we observe them rising in our brain. I love how the...

You might be really excited with the change to a new class! It can be a very exciting and new time. 


But there may be some things that make you feel a little bit scared or anxious.


Take a look at this activity. It is called "The Worry Cloud". Write in it anything that is making you feel worried about your new class. There might be lots of things or none at all on your cloud. 

Over the next week we will look at ways to help you take control of your worries and help you on your way to September.


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