Please keep our school and community safe - do not send your child to school if they display any symptoms of Coronavirus, please do call school on 0151 525 9776 for further advice if you are unsure and we will be happy to help. Government guidance states, if you have any symptoms of Covid 19 - cough, high temperature or loss of taste or smell - you must produce a negative PCR test, before your child can return to school. Lateral flow tests are for non-symptomatic cases only. Thank you for your continued support.
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Rice Lane Primary School

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Science at Rice Lane Primary School


Our School Vision 

At Rice Lane Primary School we want to make science wonderful. Wonderful in the twin senses of “Wow that’s amazing!” and wonderful, as in, “I wonder why that happens?” By encouraging a culture of asking questions and seeing not knowing not as a barrier but as an opportunity to find out. We hope to build on the children’s natural curiosity and show them what an amazing universe we share.


We intend to develop and encourage future scientists at Rice Lane Primary School! 


How will we achieve this? 

We firmly believe that a good understanding of scientific knowledge and conceptual understanding helps to support pupils’ work across the curriculum. We want to develop children’s ideas of working that will enable them to make sense of the world they live in.


We encourage children of all abilities to awaken their sense of wonder about the universe by involving them in a wide range of learning experiences. We believe it is our responsibility to make children aware of how science is relevant to their own lives and to build on children’s science capital, natural curiosity and develop a scientific approach to problems.


We want to make children aware of the current and evolving state of scientific knowledge to prepare them for an increasingly scientific and technological life in the 21st century. We introduce our pupils to the broad range of sources of scientific information that are available to enable them to become independent learners and more importantly develop the skills of investigation – including: observing, measuring, predicting, hypothesising, experimenting, communicating, interpreting, explaining, evaluating and using the correct scientific language.


How can you help? 


There are many ways that you can help to spark your child's scientific mind at home. We are working hard to expose the children to more school and home activities based around science and promoting competitions. These are often fun activities that can be done as a family and children's enthusiasm really shines through. 


Even better... if you have a scientific background of any kind please let us know! The more scientists and professions linked to science that the children are exposed to, the more they are going to see the value of the subject in the community and the wider world. We are super keen to involve our families where possible- so please let us know if you have any expertise and we would love for you to come into school! Not to mention how proud our children are when their parents/carers or families come in to school, so please don't hesitate! 

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