School Meals

Universal Free School Meals

Currently, every infant child in full time education in England is given a free school lunch when they are in school. This is called Universal Free School Meals.

Pupil Premium/Free School Meals

If you have certain circumstances (listed below), you will be entitled to Pupil Premium/Free School Meals. This means that the school is given extra funding towards the education of your child. The extra funding will go to Free School Meals (for Junior children who are do not receive Universal Free School Meals) and may go towards trips, clubs and extra teaching activities.

To be entitled to Free School Meal funding, your child must be in full time education.

Food for Thought

Our school meals service is provided by Food For Thought, a not for profit company whose ethos is based on providing healthy, fresh, tasty and attractive school meals for our children. We wish to provide children with an enjoyable lunch where they can sit and eat in an clean and safe environment and an atmosphere where they will enjoy their lunches.

Our menus change daily and are in line with nutritional standards and guidelines.

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If you believe you are entitled to Free School Meal Funding, you can apply here: