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Rice Lane Primary School

Be happy together, Believe together, Achieve together

School Council trip to the Town Hall

2016- 2017 School Councillors:


1E- Jamie Bradley

1M- Maisie Attkinson

1J- Frank Dowrick

2S- Evelyn Wilson

2Q- Jacob Woodhall

2H- Jack Nelson

3W- Evie Sharkey

3WJ- Eva Kelleher

3R- Joseph Lovelady

4H-Oliver Garner

4O- Jessica Pierpoint

4J- Laura Evans

5F- Hughie Sloane

5M- Ben Verdin

5J- Julen Withnall

6A- Jessica Barrow

6J- Charleigh Tart

6H- Sophie Redmond

6B- Sam-China Coaley 

Town hall

Town hall 1
Town hall 2
Town hall 3
Town hall 4
Town hall 5
Town hall 6
Town hall 7
Town hall 8
Town hall 9
Town hall 10
Town hall 11
Town hall 12
Town hall 13
Town hall 14
Town hall 15
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