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As part of PSHE at Rice Lane Primary School, during the Spring term, children throughout the school learn, in an age appropriate way, about relationship and sex education (RSE) within their lessons (Year 6 start this unit after their SATs tests).


Rice Lane Primary School RSE Overview:

We use a range of resources throughout school including The Christopher Winters Project, Channel 4 living and growing and a range of story books. All of the resources are used at age appropriate stages and the lessons have been carefully chosen for each year group. An outline of the lessons has been set out below:


Year One:

‘Growing and caring for Ourselves’

Lesson 1 – Keeping Clean

Lesson 2 – Growing and Changing

Lesson 3 – Families and Care


Year Two:

‘Differences (Channel 4, Living and Growing clips)'

Lesson 1 – Boys and Girls

Lesson 2 – Male and Female

Lesson 3 – ‘It’s Ok to be different’ Todd Parr


Year 3:

‘Valuing Difference and Keeping Safe’

Lesson 1 – Personal Space

Lesson 2 – Family Differences

Lesson 3 – Naming the Body Parts

Growing up (Channel 4, Living and Growing clips)


Year 4:

‘Growing Up’

Lesson 1 – Growing and Changing

Lesson 2 – Difference: Male and Female

Lesson 3 – ‘Up in Heaven’ Emma Chishester Clark

Lesson 4 – ‘Dinosaurs Divorce’ Laurie and Mark Brown


Year 5:


Lesson 1 – Talking about Puberty

Lesson 2 – Puberty and Hygiene

Lesson 3 – Girl Talk / Boy Talk (Channel 4, Living and Growing clips)


Year 6:

‘Puberty, Relationships and Reproduction’

Lesson 1 – Understanding Relationships

Lesson 2 – Puberty and Reproduction

Lesson 3 – Conception and Pregnancy

Lesson 4 – Communicating in Relationships

How babies are made and how babies are born (Living and growing clips)

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