Remote Learning

We have worked hard to develop a remote learning approach that ensure that the children’s education continues throughout any periods when they are not accessing education on-site. Our approach to remote learning follows our Rice Lane curriculum and the children will be accessing work that is as close to what would be covered in class as is possible.

In the event of a bubble having to isolate, we will continue with our successful use of daily online support, with paper copies available where required. We will be uploading work onto SeeSaw on a daily basis from 8.30 on the first full day of isolation. All children have been given details in order to log in, and we are confident with the systems in place as they worked well when classes have isolated and during the recent national lockdown.

If an induvial child or family unit are isolating, then remote learning will be provided either through our online system or as paper copies, depending on the needs of the children/family. SEND support (as outlined below) will continue to be provided.

If you have any trouble accessing SeeSaw please contact the school and we’ll help quickly. If you are unable to access our remote learning online, please contact school and we will send out a pack of work each week that can be completed and returned to school either during the lockdown or upon returning to school. These packs will contain the work that is being completed online so that all children have access the same learning.

If you have any questions, please contact the school and we will be happy to help and support.