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Welcome to the Reception page!  We hope this will give you up to date information about events happening in Reception.




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Reading Books

Your child will now have received a reading book along with a reading record.  It is very important that these are brought into school every day.  It is crucial that daily reading also occurs at home, to ensure children have an opportunity to understand and recall each book they read. Repetition of reading the same book several times, benefits the children, helping them to apply their reading skills. At this stage it is important to talk about what is happening in the pictures and asking lots of questions! 


Home Link Books

Your child will also have received a home link book.  You can use this to tell us about your life outside of school!  We will also use this book to set fun activities and tasks to do at home.  Please bring these to school each Monday.

Reception Staff


Teacher: Mrs Hollis (Monday - Wednesday) + Mrs Carr (Thursday - Friday)

Learning Support Assistant: Mrs Taylor



Teacher: Mrs McKee

Learning Support Assistant: Miss Ellison



Teacher: Ms Turnbull

Learning Support Assistants: Miss Cluskey


Reception Hours

Your child will now be staying for a full day in school. Reception doors will open at 8:50 a.m. for drop off and 3:20 p.m. for collection. Children will come in and leave through the Infant Hall doors. 


When picking your child up we ask that you queue along the wall leading up to the door and not behind the railings. Thank you for your cooperation.



Your child is entitled to a free school meal. They will be offered a choice between a sandwich or a hot meal. Teachers will accompany your child into the hall for lunch to ensure your child is well supported and has adequate food for lunch. If your child's initial choice is not liked on the day, we will give them an alternative that they will enjoy. If your child is a fussy eater or you have concerns, please speak to the class teacher. Your child will also receive milk and fruit during the day as a healthy snack.



Your child is encouraged to bring a bottle of water with them into school each day. Please label with your child's name. Children are encouraged to drink this water as and when suits them so to ensure children are well hydrated during the day. We ask that bottles are not filled with fruit juice as water is the best drink to keep little brains active and healthy.

Phonics Websites:


If you have any queries please speak to your child's teacher! frown

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