Welcome to Reception.

Giving your child the very best start to school life:

The reception year marks most children’s very first step into formal schooling. This can be an exciting and nerve-wracking time for children and parents alike! Your child will start learning through play. They will be busy exploring, discovering, and listening to stories. They will be getting used to the school environment and learning to concentrate and listen to their teacher.  We are here to support you and your child every step of the way.

Mrs Carr

Class Teacher

Assistant Headteacher

Mrs Dean

Class Teacher

Mrs Tunstall

Class Teacher

Mrs Carroll

Class Teacher

Mrs Dickson

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Hastings

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Stewart

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Murphy

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Johnson

Teaching Assistant

Mr Guy


Things to bring to school

* Rice Lane Primary School and Nursery book bag

* Water bottle

* Rice Lane Primary School and Nursery P.E. Kit in a school P.E. bag, including black pumps

* Wellington Boots


Reception Baseline Assessment

 The RBA is a short, interactive and practical assessment that all reception aged children complete within the first six weeks of them starting school. It is an assessment of the early literacy, communication, language and mathematics skills of the children when they begin school, using materials that most reception aged children will be familiar with. It is statutory for all schools from September 2021.

The purpose of the assessment is to provide the starting point for a new measure that will help parents understand how well schools support their pupils to progress between reception and year 6 / the end of key stage 2.


In Reception, our curriculum is guided by Development Matters, the non-statutory curriculum guidance for the early years. Development Matters sets out the learning, development and assessment required for the Early Years, until the end of your child’s Reception year.

We follow the seven areas of learning; they are split into 3 prime areas – communication and language, personal, emotional and social development and physical development and 4 specific areas – literacy, mathematics, understanding the world and expressive arts and design.

We also teach phonics on a daily basis and follow Ruth Miskin’s Read, Write, Inc phonics programme.

At the end of reception, the child will be assessed to see if they have achieved a Good Level of Development in all prime areas plus literacy and mathematics.

We will encourage the children to become independent learners, making decisions such as choosing where they would like to play.  Sometimes we choose to learn and play in our indoor classroom and sometimes we choose our outdoor classroom.  We will be practising putting on our coats and wellington boots all by ourselves.  

We kindly ask families to keep encouraging the children to dress independently at home.  This will help the children on our Physical Education days when we change into our P.E. kits. 

During the year we will keep you up to date with all our learning adventures, share our achievements and all of our news.

Keep checking     

The reception twitter account for more activities we have been up to this term. @RecRiceLane