We look forward to welcoming our children back for the Summer Term on Monday 12th April 2021 - staggered timings and gates remain unchanged and further information can be found under parent zone
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Reading For Pleasure

A School of Readers

Encouraging children to read for pleasure is entwined within our curriculum. 
As a school we celebrate reading whenever possible through our daily curriculum. We also provide the children with events and activities that help promote reading for pleasure. Here is a list of the ones we celebrate:

      Roald Dahl Day 

      National Poetry Day 

      World Book Day 

      National Storytelling Week

      Elmer Day 

      Events to celebrate authors' birthdays', etc

      Story clubs

      Story sessions in our reading Pod 

      Book lending

      Author visits 

      Reading challenges/competitions 

      Theatre visits 

      Breakfast events

Some of these activities involve parent participation, so always keep an eye on this website and in our newsletter for more details. We always appreciate parental support in our quest to 'get children reading'.


Books To Borrow

Don't forget that we have a selection of books located by the office (adult and children), that you can borrow 'overnight' to read to your child as their bedtime story. Please remember to bring them back the next morning so that other children can enjoy them. Thank-you.


Reading Clubs

These are all currently suspended due to school closures.


Reading Ambassadors and Librarians
Rice Lane have both reading ambassadors and librarians.

Librarians are trained to look after the libraries and they carry out these duties on a rota basis. These children also read to the Infant and Foundation Stage children during lunch-time. This again is on a rota basis.

Reading ambassadors take part in regular meetings, acting as a 'voice for all of the children'. These children also help to judge competitions.



Reading Tips

 Here are some handy hints and tips to help you teach your child to read:

  • Keep reading times short and only re-read the story if your child wants to.
  • Take it in turns to read parts of the story and give plenty of praise to your child. They may even praise you in return!
  • Try to do an activity that is related to the book. For example, if the story is about going shopping, take your child for a walk to the shops.
  • Remember any reading is positive reading, from reading comics to reading street signs, it’s all good practice.


How did our journey start?
 Our journey started in January 2014 when we transformed our corridors into a 'living' book. The children were able to read and participate in reading and writing activities throughout the school. The story we used was 'The Jolly Postman' and we were all very excited about this! We have gone on to successful promote 'living' books around school and the children have enjoyed many writing/reading activities which came from this.



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