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Welcome to our PE page!

Physical Education has become a loved subject within our school and is an extremely important part of our curriculum. The national curriculum states that the PE curriculum has the aim of: 


  • developing competence to excel in a broad range of physical activities
  • ensuring children are physically active for sustained periods of time
  • engaging the children in competitive sports and activities
  • helping the children to lead healthy, active lives


As a school, we wish for the children to be provided with many opportunities to take part in a range of sports and games that will stimulate and maintain their interests. These opportunities are provided both during lessons and in after school and lunch time clubs. Please see below to see what your children are participating in during their PE lessons!


Curriculum Map for the teaching of PE Skills


During this Spring term, Nursery have been looking closely at the children's ability to follow instructions and their hand eye coordination. This has been done through various outdoor tasks such as obstacle courses using tires, bean bags throwing and bat ball. They have also been asked to follow simple instructions to produce a sequence of balances and movements during lessons with our PE coaches. 




In Reception during Spring term  they have been looking at Gymnastics, including different types of apparatus and how it can be used in sequences. They have also used it for jumping and landing, as well as learning how to follow instructions carefully on how to use the apparatus. This has been taught by a  sports coach that the children really enjoy learning from.


Our class teachers have also been focusing on the children's fine motor skills during play. They have their own brand new outdoor area that concentrates on different skills such as assault courses, balancing and targets to encourage the children's development. 




Year 1

In year 1 during Spring term, they have been looking at Gymnastics with our sports coaches. They have progressing through simple movements and sequencing them together, as well as looking at a variety of balances using our wide range of equipment. 

During lessons with the class teacher, they have been looking at Dance. The children have been provided with a stimulus such as a shape, object or colour to focus their movements around. It has also linked in with their topic using animals and weather changes during their lessons.

Year 2

In year 2 during Spring term, the children have also been looking at Gymnastics with our sports coaches. Their progression from year 1 gymnastics is shown through their control of basic gymnastic shapes using our wide range of apparatus including rolls, jumps and balances. The children have been working together in pairs to produce their own movement sequences to perform at the end of term.


Class teachers have focused on Dance. The children have been developing their dance and movement skills over the past half term, starting with simple steps and instructions, leading up to them choreographing their own dances within mixed groups. They have also been provided with a stimulus to focus their interpretive movements on.

Year 3

Spring - Hockey and Dance

Year 4

Spring - Tennis and Dance

Year 5

Spring - Kwik cricket and swimming

Year 6

Spring - Football and dance

After School Clubs 

After school clubs involving different sports have been made available to the children in our school. They include:



Dance and Drama for years 4, 5, and 6

Cheerleading for years 5 and 6



Football for years 3,4, and 5



Football for years 1 and 2

Street dance for years 1 and 2

Gymnastics for years 5 and 6

Girls football for years 5 and 6



Dance and Drama for years 1, 2 and 3




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