We look forward to welcoming our children back on Monday 8th March 2021 - there are staggered timings please see parent zone for further information
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Our curriculum


PSHE and citizenship education in Rice Lane Primary School is delivered both within discrete, timetabled lessons and is also evident across a range of subjects as part of the formal and informal curriculum, including our vision of what make us R I C E L A N E  pupils (Respectful, Independent, Creative and critical thinkers, Enthusiastic, Listeners, Achievers, Nurturing, Engaged).

Our current PSHE curriculum and scheme of work is based upon a previous format that has been well tried and tested by our staff.  It is not based upon one single scheme of work.  Instead, it has been carefully structured, written and regularly refined by PSHEe coordinators within our school to specifically cater for the needs of children at Rice Lane Primary School today.  The scheme draws upon a range of high-quality commercially available resources and schemes of work (examples include Christopher Winter's RSE and drugs education, Channel 4 learning, My Money, Expect Respect toolkit etc), most of which are supported/endorsed by the PSHE association. We have ensured, that through our scheme of work, we cover all of the objectives set out in the three main areas from the PSHE association: health and well-being, relationships and the living in the wider world. 


Our overview has been planned to be a spiral curriculum where each term, all children will be learning about particular areas and objectives: each year group will study the same topic at the same time, but at an age-appropriate level in a way that has been carefully planned and structured to build upon prior learning and ensure continuity and progression.


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