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Welcome to the Nursery web page. smileysmiley

We hope this will keep you informed of all the events and activities happening in Nursery.


Nursery Staff


Nursery 1 -  Mrs Carroll & Mrs Murphy

Nursery 2 - Mrs Doyle & Mrs Morgan 



30 hours - Mrs Jones & Miss Ball 

                 Mrs Spence & Mrs Appleton 





Nursery Hours

Morning session:    Nursery doors open at 8:45 a.m. for drop off

                               Nursery doors open at 11:45 a.m. for collection


Afternoon session: Nursery doors open at 12:30 p.m. for drop off

                               Nursery doors open at 3:20 p.m. for collection



30 hour provision: Monday - Friday 

                              8:45am - 3.20pm



Additional Care costs wrap around :

£5 per hour 

(Places must be booked online 1 week in advance)


Please note: Nursery doors will be locked at 9:05am.  If you arrive after this time you must take your child to the school office.


Meet & Greet

At the beginning of every Nursery session our Parents/Carers are invited into Nursery with their child to help with settling in. However, this is not compulsory - we know how busy grown ups can be!


Nursery Uniform

Children have the opportunity to wear a uniform - this is not compulsory. The uniform consists of jogging bottoms, a t-shirt and a jumper. The uniform can be purchased at the school office. Please ensure your child's uniform is clearly labelled with their name to avoid any confusion. We ask that children's footwear be appropriate for the child to be able to put on and take off their shoes independently - please avoid anything with laces!

If your child wears ear rings, please take them out before your child enters nursery.

Please note - We have plenty of spare clothing is your child has an accident, so please do not worry.


Eating and Drinking

If your child is staying in Nursery for the full day, they will require you to bring a packed lunch to school with them. Please be realistic about how much you put in their lunch box - only put in what you know they need for a simple lunch. Please put your child's name on their lunchbox, as you can imagine, we have many of the same type coming in.


Throughout every Nursery session, your child will be offered free access to water and fruit for the entire duration. They will also have the opportunity to sit down every morning and afternoon for a snack.

Please note - We are a healthy eating school, so would strongly discourage children to be eating any unhealthy snacks such as sweets, chocolates or crisps.


What happens on the first day of Nursery

If you have previously attended Nursery, then you should follow the normal Nursery routine and drop your child off at the Nursery doors. If this is your very first day in Nursery, then you should come to the school office with the your child. We will then take you and your child to the Nursery and welcome you. We understand this is a big day for both Parents/Carers and children and we will do all we can to help.  We will never leave a child in distress during those first few hours, and if we need to, we will contact you if your child needs to be collected early so to support a more graduated approach to starting Nursery.


Please note - Before your start date, Parents/Carers and children are more than welcome to regularly visit the Nursery, to 'stay and play'. This will help your child become familiar with their next big step to Nursery School and it will also help lessen any anxiety a parent might be feeling.

If you do feel anxious about your child starting, please do not hesitate to come in or phone and speak to any member of staff. We will be more than happy to answer any questions.

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