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Rainforest Rescuers Challenge Us all !

Rainforest Rescuer have set the teachers, pupils and parents a challenge. Can you hold a paper less day on the 13th June? Yes that is right, you are not allowed to use any paper at all.

This is to highlight why the rainforests are important to our eco system, and how we can help to preserve them.

As John Stone (from class 7) has told us - think 'Trees'

T - Teach Others about the importance of Rainforests
R - Restore tress where they have been cut down
E - Encourage people to help the environment
E - Establish ways to help the forests and environments
s - Support companies that don't harm the environment

The Themed day will be held on Wednesday 13th June for Nursery and Infant children. They have been invited to dress up as Rainforest Animals or Rainforest Explorers. The teachers will be giving the children Rainforest Activities that day, so to raise awareness, and they will also be discussing Fairtrade issues (photographs of the day will be posted on the website).

The 'Rice Lane Rescuers' (Forest Club) are participating in the Sky Rainforest Challenge. You can visit their webpage to follow our progress , or even comment on a blog (more points awarded, means more recognised success). To Login - our username is 'Rice Lane' and our password is 'PasswordRL'

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