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Maths Progress Cup Winners

We would like to congratulate the following children for Spring Term Progress in Mathematics. The children  were chosen by their teachers for great progress in Maths. All children were awarded a certificate, but two lucky children were awarded a Maths Cup for showing the most progress in Maths within KS1 and KS2. 


Congratulations to

R1: Summer McIntyre

R2: Paige Harrison

R3: Emily Macdonald

1E: Albie Ward

1J: Harry Mullin

1M: Robert Burrow

2S: Regan O'Brien Bellamy

2Q: Luke Duffy

2H: Molly Pilling

Winner of the Cup: Emily Macdonald


3R: Rhys Taylor

3J: Lara Wright

3M: Simon Givens

4H: Stevie Burton

4J: Penny Carr

4WS: Tom Smith

5F: Amilia Burke

5O: Ryan Fury

5WB: Ryan Jones

6M: Gabrielle Verdin

6H: Lucy Fraser

6B: Jennifer McCann

Mrs Brown: Olivia Tandy

Winner of the Cup: Gabrielle Verdin

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