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Healthy Plate

As part of our Enhancement Plan for Healthy Schools, each class is participating in a workshop to teach them about the 'EatWell Plate'.

The children talked through the healthy plate and placed items onto the correct colour category, to re-enforce their understanding.

Green - Fruit and vegetables. Focus of 5 a day. 1 portion will fit into the palm of your hand.
Yellow - Bread, rice, potatoes, pasta (and other starchy foods). These items give us energy.
Blue - Milk and dairy foods. These items give us strong bones and teeth.
Pink - Meat, fish, eggs, beans (and other non dairy sources of protein). These items help the body to heal, such as bruises.
Purple - Foods and drinks high in fat and sugar. These items should only be treats and not a daily food item.

The children finished the activity by tasting a healthy plate consisting of strawberries, melon, grapes, tangerines and a piece of wholemeal bread.

The children observed:

"You eat loads of what is on the yellow, and you get loads of energy"

"The healthy things go on the green"

"If you eat all the unhealthy stuff everyday and you get no exercise, you get unhealthy"

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