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Monday 30th March


Good morning everyone! Hope you all managed to have a lovely weekend! laugh What did you get up to?

Why not write a letter to a friend or even to one of us teachers? Tell them what you have been up to while you have been at home. Include how you have been feeling. Ask them a few questions too. Remember to include all the features of a letter that we discussed in class. Why not put a picture of you letter on Twitter? You might even get a reply!! laugh HAPPY LETTER WRITING! laugh

Hello everyone!


How about writing a diary each day whilst you are off school? You could include information about the things you have been doing to keep you busy. 


Remember a diary is written as a recount (so things that have already happened) and you need to refer to yourself as "I". Include the date at the beginning of each diary entry you write. Don't forget to write in sentences with capital letters and full stops.


You never know, your diary might become as famous as the diary of Samuel Pepys in the future! smiley




















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