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Monday 30th March


Happy Monday Year 5! Well done for getting through week 1 of home learning, let’s start week 2 with positive thoughts!

Why not start the day with Joe Wicks and his fun work out?


Here are your tasks for today:

*Maths: Can you solve this challenge with an adult? It took us teachers a few goes to get it right so make sure that you look closely at the pictures!



After that, have a look at the Power Maths practice book 5A that you took home and complete the Challenge and Reflect questions p.8.

Don’t forget to go on ttrockstars too…(Mrs Williams has challenged everyone in 5W to beat her score of 30. Go to ‘play’, ‘multiplayer’ and ‘rockslam’ to have a go!



Can you unscramble these words from the Y5/6 statutory spelling list? Then find out their meanings and write interesting sentences with the words in.





*The Viewer

Tune in with Mrs Smith for a zoom call at 11am. All you need to do is to download the app ‘zoom’ and check the app for all the information to get connected. Mrs Smith will be finishing the book we have studied in class and asking the children to retell the story.


Thank you to everyone who joined us! It was so lovely to see all of your faces! 

I would like you to retell the story of The Viewer - either rewrite the story as it is OR - if you fancy a challenge - change the item that is inside the box. Remember all items are designed to focus magnify or illuminate. How will you end the story? 

There will be another Zoom call at 11am tomorrow. We will be sharing our favourite paragraph of our writing with your teachers and other year 5 children. We can't wait to hear what you come up with!



Noah and I are going to have a go at making a board game from scratch on a theme of his choice (probably Pokemon or Sonic the hedgehog!). It will be in the style of ‘snakes and ladders’, ‘Ludo’ or ‘Monopoly’. Once we have made it we will write instructions for other people to play it.

Can you make your own board game and write instructions for it? We would love to see your games on Twitter or via an email to .


Have a lovely day everyone and stay safe.

Mrs Williams, Mrs Smith and Mr Kendrew.










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