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Monday 13th July 2020

TT Rock Stars - Please complete garage on TT Rock Stars. Check out Twitter for challenges.

Spelling Shed - Work on the words that have been set today.Check out Twitter for Hive games.


Here is your work...



Real Life Dragons

Who doesn't love dragons, but are they real or mythical? Well, there are real dragons which are a member of the lizard family. One of these is the Komodo Dragon. Today, we would like you to do some research about these creatures. Write your facts under the following headings; habitats, appearance, diet and young.


Fill in the research sheet as you go.

Go to Get Epic, where you will find books about the Komodo Dragon or check out the following websites.





Now, use your information to make a fact-sheet about Komodo Dragons.
Why not try a line drawing of a Komodo Dragon.

How to Draw Komodo Dragon - Easy Tutorial

In this video, I will be showing you guys how to draw a Komodo dragon, the largest Monitor lizard, step by step. I hope you find this art tutorial helpful, -...

After School Club

Oak Academy also provide activity clubs each week run by their brilliant partners, with activities like cook-a-longs, arts and debating clubs. Please take a look at the splat on the previous page called Oak Academy Clubs to see if you fancy trying any out!

Our Planet

Both the WWF and Wildlife Trust have developed a series of engaging lessons/activities for your child, to help them learn about the planet on which we live. These may interest you too! For more information visit the 'Our Planet' splat on our web page.




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