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Model of the Week

The focus of Lego Club this week was "working together." During our session we really had to develop our ability to engage well with others in our club to truly enjoy the overall process of model making.  We discussed the reasons why it is important to work well with others on well focussed projects; and what level of reward we receive from positive partnerships. 


We got ourselves into pairs and allowed our creative juices to flow. Please have a look at our success. 

Our success

Our success 1
Our success 2
Our success 3
Our success 4
Our success 5

Model of the week

Model of the week  1 Look at us all working together!
Model of the week  2 Look at us all working together!
Model of the week  3 Look at us all working together!
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

Max made a marvellous model.


"This is the main block so if it bumps into anything, it just bounces it off because it has a strong magnet in front.  This is a bit that stops anything that flies over the magnet as it hits the spikes.  This is a bit where the captain sits.  It is protected by the spikes.  This bit is the motor and if you take it off you can see the power bit.  This bit is where the person, who controls the wings sits. When he pulls the levers it makes the guns go up and the jets go faster.  This bit is in case it has a crash, the guy will be saved by the polystyrene. There are spikes to protect the motor.  It has headlights, two powerful guns that can turn into missile launchers and there are spikes by the side so if anything tries to get to the guy they can't because of the spikes.  On the back of the guy's chair there is a slanty bit so if any thing hits it it will fly up and hit the enemies space ship.  It also has skis so it can go on snow.  The middle bit helps it fly if the main motor gets hit  and finally it has something to help it go on water".

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