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Rice Lane Primary School

Be happy together, Believe together, Achieve together

Meet the Staff

Picture 1 Mrs Chatburn - Headteacher
Picture 2 Ms Parry - Deputy Headteacher
Picture 3 Ms Blain - Assistant Head/Phase Leader for 5/6
Picture 4 Miss Jackson-Assistant Head/Phase Leader for 2/3/4
Picture 5 Mrs Carr-Assistant Head/Phase Leader for EYFS/1
Picture 6 Miss Pearce - Assistant Head and SENCO lower
Picture 7 Ms Waterman - Assistant Head and SENCO upper
Picture 8 Mrs Bennett - Business Manager




Reception, R1

Mrs Carroll


Mrs Taylor / Miss Ellison / Miss Cluskey


Reception, R2

Mrs McKee (Maternity leave - Mr Hefferon)

Reception, R3

Miss Turnbull

Year 1, 1DH

Mrs Dean  / Mrs Hunter


Mrs Carey/Mrs Campbell

Year 1, 1W

Miss Wynne

Year 1, 1K

Mrs Kelly

Year 2, 2BH

Mrs Brown / Mrs Hollis


Mrs Lunt / Mrs Chadwick Morgan / Mrs Woodbridge

Year 2, 2Q

Mr Quirk

Year 2, 2S

Mrs Smith

Year 3, 3J

Mr Jardine


Miss Quane / Mrs Richards

Year 3, 3M

Miss Jackson 

Year 3, 3H

Miss Hughes

Year 4, 4JM

Mr Jones / Miss Masters


Mrs Evans / Mrs Da Silva / Mrs Dickson

Year 4, 4R

Miss Ratcliffe

Year 4, 4S

Mrs Saunderson

Year 5, 5K

Mr Kendrew


Mrs Devine / Ms Ingram

Year 5, 5S

Mrs Smith

Year 5, 5W

Mrs Williams

Year 6, 6O

Mr Overs


Mrs Hignett / Mrs Johnson

Year 6, 6M

Miss McWhan

Year 6, 6B

Mrs Blain

Year 6, 6T

Miss  Thomas

Base 1

Lower School

Ms Pearce

Mrs Bowles / Mrs Hastings / Mrs Stewart

Base 2

Upper School

Ms Waterman

Mrs Gornall / Mrs McKenzie / Mrs Carter

Nursery 1

Mrs Carr 

Mrs P Murphy / Mrs Jones

Nursery 2

Mrs Doyle

Mrs Appleton / Mrs Spence




Miss Anderson, Mrs Davies, Mr Guy and Mr Lockley. 



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