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Medical Welfare

Staff at Rice Lane Primary School have been trained to assist with all basic first aid requirements. We also have a number of adults trained to Paediatric First aid level (we always ensure that a Paediatric First aider accompanies every school trip). A number of staff are also trained in using a defibrillator (the school holds two an different locations in the school building).

At Rice Lane we also have 2 Medical Welfare Assistants who look after children requiring extra medical attention, such as diabetes.

We also have a close working relationship with the School's Health Team. Our school nurse provides drop in sessions every other week (please look at the school calendar for dates). This is a service for parents to consult with a Medical Professional about any aspect of your child's health.



The Medical Welfare staff are as followed:


Miss Johnson

Mrs Woodbridge


Our mission is to ensure that children with extra needs, medically, are given the same opportunities as all other children, including given the option to be present in school, even if they require a specific treatment or medication.


All medical welfare staff are trained in 'Administering Medication in Schools' and have specific training for more complex needs. 

We liase with the school nurse, and with Alder Hey children's hospital when needed. 


If your child requires medication during the school day, please bring the medication, in original packaging with a prescription label, to the office and fill out a medical form stating the dose required and at what point in the day.


Parents can be ensured that their child(ren) will be given their medication and looked after throughout the day.


If there are any questions regarding anything on this page, please speak to Miss Parry or one of our medical welfare staff. 



Consent form for use of emergency inhaler in school

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