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Home Learning

A big well done goes out to everybody for keeping ourselves safe and well during this time. We understand that home learning can be difficult, especially when you can get out in the sunshine. Firstly if your child is not interested and it is creating more problems trying to get your child to do anything but go on roblox (I understand this issue), then just breathe. The main priority is you family remains happy and safe. Children having fun and playing is helping with their mental health and emotional well being which is crucially important at this time. We will catch up on learning missed when back to school. However if you child is craving to be back into a school routine and is missing the classroom routine, then the following message is you.


To ease us all back to being in a classroom again, we will be encouraging children at home and when at school (for key worker families), to use the online learning videos form Oak National Academy. You do not need a log in or password. This resource was made by qualified teachers and will SLOWLY introduce the children back to the traditional style of learning. All you have to do is go to the website (which you access on any device) and go to your year group. The video's don't last very long and the teacher will instruct the children on any independent learning tasks. As we know trying to fit in home learning whilst trying to complete 'Adult' tasks can be a logistical nightmare. The children should be able to access this resource independently once logged on. The learning begins at week 6 from the 1st June, but you can go to previous weeks or days if you want to do a catch up. Your teachers will also link this resource to their year group pages. I hope you all have fun - the lessons are engaging and well planned. For most lessons you need only a pencil and paper. Good luck ! Remember to email if you have any problems or would like to share your learning.... 



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Please see below the Online Safety Tips for during this time.

Follow this page to find out about sending letters to your friends or family who you can't go and see at the moment:

A great way to start your day, a PE lesson with Joe Wicks


Each year group page will have work for your children to do, which will be updated. 


Here is a list of useful websites which need subscriptions (and the school has a subscription) your child's username and password will be written in their reading record or can be obtained by contacting the office at - this website has a range of activities and games for all ages and follows the national curriculum. - this website contains exercise and mindfulness videos for children to join along with and can be accessed for free - exercise your body as well as your mind! - this is an american website and follows the american "grades" system, instead of our English Year groups but contains common material and is particularly good for Maths and computing. - no TV license is required unless accessing BBC iPlayer. - informational videos - likely more relevant to older learners. - full of activities and videos - for learning languages.   Watch some of Maddy Moats science videos - full of interesting videos for children to watch. - a range of listening activites for young learners - listening for different sounds is a vital building block for phonics at beginner level, take a listening walk around your house and discuss with your child different sounds that you can hear. 


Try some online Maths lessons 


TT Rockstars - this builds vital times tables skills - passwords can be found in your child's reading record or from school 


Spelling Shed - username and password are in your child's reading record or from school


If options are exhausted - reading, counting and talking with your child is good for their brain, development and well-being. 

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