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Friday 10th July


Almost the week-end…let’s hope for a sunny one!

**Remember to join the hive game on spelling shed at 11am! The code is 844676 and you will be asked to spell some homophones.


English: Today you will apply everything that you have learnt this week in order to write your own Hercules themed myth. Remember to share your work with us, by sending it to


Maths:  Have a go at calculating the mean as an average, in different contexts.


Music: If you feel in a singing mood because it is Friday after all, have a go at this lesson:


Art: If you prefer Art, here’s a nice lesson exploring the basics of surrealism


Have a lovely week-end!


Friday 3rd July

We will be changing our hive games to just a Monday, Wednesday and Friday. We will have Times Tables Rockstars battles going on Tuesdays and Thursdays.


Oak Academy Advice

  1. Once you’ve done the quiz, you need close the tab that it has automatically opened, and then close the quiz. After this, you can click ‘Next Activity’ and that will move you onto the video.
  2. The video will sometimes get to a point where you need to pause it and go to complete the work. The video will instruct you to do this if needed, then you need to close the video and click ‘Next Activity’ for the work.
  3. All of the sections will be much easier to follow if you click the ‘Full Screen’ button (it appears along the bottom of the section).



Hive game will be at a new time of 11am. Code is 308260 and the focus is on words containing hyphens.



Writing up our newspaper reports!



A final lesson on shape, looking at circles.



Just work on your animal projects today! YouTube video to follow…



Don’t forget to check Twitter (it’s on our year group page) for updates throughout the day, and to send things in to the school closure email address for us to respond to! We love hearing from you!

Friday 26th June

It’s almost the week-end…last push!


Spelling: There will be a hive game today at 11am (new time!). The code is 308271 and we will be testing you on some of our year 5 and 6 challenge words.


Maths: Today is all about exploring the different properties of different quadrilaterals.


English:  In this lesson you will plan and write a biography. Remember to look at the WAGOLL (What A Good One Looks Like) for some inspiration. Complete some research on the famous person of your choice and follow the steps on how to write their biography.

Remember to send your work to your teacher via


Art:  My favourite lesson of the week….AND…this week you will be looking at the French artist Henri Matisse…super!





Friday 19th June


How is it already Friday?! Just a little bit more of learning to complete before the week-end!


Spelling: Hive game at 10am. The code is 792935


Maths: Let’s put everything that you have learnt this week into practice by solving long multiplication problems. Choose Option 1 or Option 2 for the independent task. Remember to make sense of the problem before you rush into multiplying numbers!


English: Today you will be writing your own balanced argument. Remember to consider BOTH sides of the issue. We would love to read your balanced arguments on ‘Should zoo be banned?’ or ‘Should everything in the world be made of chocolate?’ for example.


Complete the whole lesson and send your work to your teacher via


Art: A lovely art lesson to introduce abstract drawing in the style of the artist Juan Miro. Make sure that you follow each step and you will be amazed at the piece of art that you have created! Enjoy!


Friday 12th June

Good morning Y5, last day of the school week…let’s do this!!

Spelling: Get ready for the hive game at 10am. The code is 496884 and you've got a selection of Year 5 spellings. 

TTrockstars: Last day to submit your entry to Mr Kendrew for the ttrockstars Y5 World Cup. All you’ve got to do is to have a few goes on the Rock slams and Mr Kendrew will take your highest score. Good luck!


Today’s lessons are all from the Oak National Academy, week 7- Friday.

English: Last lesson from the unit on non-chronological reports. By the end of this lesson you will be able to write your own report on a mythical creature. Have a go at creating your own mythical beast on

Please remember to send your work to your teacher via


Maths: In this lesson you will use doubling strategies to multiply decimal numbers by 2, 4 and 8. Get your pencil and paper ready!


Art: Complete the Circle challenge! All you need is a pencil, paper and some circular objects to draw around.

Have a lovely day everyone!


Friday 5th June

More from the Oak Academy today, as well as our usual goings on.

I know Oak Academy is a little confusing at first, so here’s a few tips on how to navigate the lessons:

  1. Once you’ve done the quiz, you need close the tab that it has automatically opened, and then close the quiz. After this, you can click ‘Next Activity’ and that will move you onto the video.
  2. The video will sometimes get to a point where you need to pause it and go to complete the work. The video will instruct you to do this if needed, then you need to close the video and click ‘Next Activity’ for the work.
  3. All of the sections will be much easier to follow if you click the ‘Full Screen’ button (it appears along the bottom of the section).



Hive game will be at 10am. The code is 495156 and, as it’s Friday, it’s some Y3 and 4 revision words for you. Aren’t we nice?


Times Tables

The boys are edging the girls in our Times Tables Rockstars battle, you've got until 7pm to turn the tide!



Time for some writing. You’ve focussed on alternative endings and some of the SPAG skills you’ll need for this already this week. Please send some of them in, who knows, they may even be good enough for us to read out on feature on Twitter and YouTube!



Make sure you pause the video at the correct point and complete your work before going back to run through the answers.



Mrs Williams is still heart-broken about us choosing Spanish over French the other day, so to ease her sorrow we’re going to have a go on



Our man Joe Wickes is still going strong, encouraging you to do the same.

There are also lots of other sports now allowed – Mr Kendrew and Mr Overs played tennis together yesterday to keep active. Who do you think won?


Don’t forget to check Twitter (it’s on our year group page) for updates throughout the day, and to send things in to the school closure email address for us to respond to! We love hearing from you!


Happy weekend!

Friday 22nd May

Last day of home learning tasks before a well-deserved break! There will not be any ‘lessons’ next week as it is half term so just enjoy your time with your family and continue to stay active and positive!

Here are today’s activities for you:

Spelling: Get ready for your last hive game of the week at 10am. The code is 320773 and you will be asked to spell words ending in -ly.



Using the book A Pocketful Of Stars you will learn how to get information from a text and to write a diary entry for a character.

Please note that bbc bitesize have included a warning with this lesson: ‘The second extract in this lesson contains themes which some of our audience may find distressing. It is appropriate for the age group, but as every child is individual, parents may wish to read and watch ahead of, or with, their children if they are concerned by the content outlined.’


Reading: Don’t forget to read books from the virtual library on Ask your parents/carers for your class code that was sent via an email or an app.



Friday is challenge day so get some paper and a pencil and have a go at solving the different tricky questions…they get harder as you go along!

The answers are at the bottom of the page so make sure that you do not scroll down too much after challenge 6!


Learn about composing music using found sounds and music technology. Have a go at recording some random sounds around your house or garden and learn how to organise them using a software. Sounds fun!


**DID YOU KNOW? Today is the International Day of Biodiversity **

Go on,11GSJ,6VANX9,3YUUO,1  to find out how you can get involved! There is a great app you can download called Seek app by iNaturalist. It will help you to identify any species at all (plants, bugs, birds, butterflies etc) in your garden, backyard, nearest park.


That is it for this half-term…we will be back online on the 1st June!


Friday 15th May


Morning everyone – Friday!





Some challenges for you to have a go at to finish off the week nicely.





Special guest Stephen Fry today, he takes you through an activity with a series of books that you’ll hopefully be familiar with, even if you haven’t read them before…


Also, don’t forget, you’ve got access to plenty of books on for you get reading, 20 minutes a day!





Join us for our usual 10am hive game - 21 is the most we have had. The code is 170036, and the focus is adverbs of time. Good luck!





A lovely art activity for you to finish off the week and get you into the weekend!




Don’t forget to log in and log your activities against the other classes on Surely 5K can’t still be the most active class?


We love seeing what you’re doing at home through our Twitter page or our email so please send in what you do so that we can stay in touch!

Friday 8th May


As today is officially a BANK HOLIDAY there are no formal lessons but we would love you to join in with the VE Day celebrations.

VE Day - or 'Victory in Europe Day' - marks the day towards the end of World War Two (WW2) when fighting against Nazi Germany in Europe came to an end.

Have a look at our VE Day Family Pack for some ideas on how to celebrate and host your very own ‘stay at home street party’!

Let us know what you have been up on this special day by tweeting your pictures using #RiceLaneVEday75.


Friday 1st May



Join us for our hive game at 10am. The code is 225389 and we are looking at the prefix ‘in’ for example edible would become inedible.


Have a go at the Friday Maths Challenge.



Today’s English has a reading focus. You are looking at a book called ‘The London Eye Mystery’ – I would recommend it, it is a very good book!

First watch the two extracts and answer the questions. It then asks you to read the same extracts and answer some further questions. There is also a little extra activity on idioms.



Join us for another chapter of Floodland read by Mrs Smith on our YouTube channel which will be posted tomorrow morning.



Today’s music lessons are about duration and tempo. Watch the two videos and have a go at the two activities underneath.

Friday 24th April

Happy Friday everyone! I hope that like me your week has gone super quickly and that you have enjoyed the sunshine. Here are today’s activities for you:



This lesson is a bit like a Guided Reading session that we used to do together in the morning. When you are listening to the text being read to you, I want you to think of the impact that the words have on the reader.

Activity 1 will help you to revise the rules for dialogue. Can you list all of them and spot them on the extract? Try reading the dialogue out loud with expressions and see how long it takes you.

In Activity 2 you will need to predict what will happen in the next chapter and the rest of the book…so many things could happen to the main character as a cat!

Activity 3 is a fun writing activity. Start with ‘The day I woke up as…’ and tell us about one day when you woke up as your favourite animal or as the animal of your biggest fear!

Remember to send any completed work or questions to

Also, there will be a hive game on spelling shed at 11:30. The code for this is 736973. We will be testing you on words ending in cian. 


Complete these 6 challenges to keep practising your reasoning skills! They get harder as you go on…

Also, don’t forget to take part in ttrockstars battles. Every time you answer some questions and practise your times tables, your score will go towards your class.

Today there are 5W vs 5S, 5W vs 5K, 5S vs 5K battles as well as a whole school teachers vs students battle!


What better way to end the week than on a positive note?

This lesson will help you to understand the importance of team work.

Have a lovely week-end everyone!





Friday 3rd April


Please complete p38 and 39 of your maths homework book on ordering decimals. Please see Mr Kendrew’s video on youtube if you need a reminder on how to do this.



Please watch the videos of Mrs Smith reading chapters 1,2 and 3 of Floodland by Marcus Sedgwick. Chapter 4 will be uploaded today as well.

We would like you to do any piece of writing:

  • It could be a diary about what life has been like on the island from the point of view of Zoe.
  • You could do a newspaper explaining the floods in Norwich.
  • Maybe you could write a letter from Zoe to her parents.
  • Maybe a shape poem about floods and what damage it has caused
  • You could write a descriptive paragraph about the floods coming.
  • It could be a poem about before and after the flood, like how we did the world has changed poems in class for the Varmints.

Here are a few ideas to get you started. We would obviously love to see your writing so send us a picture on twitter or email it to and asked for it to be forwarded to your teacher.



Please log on to spelling shed. Your teachers have set spellings for you to practise! Note to parents: 1 game only lasts no more than 2 minutes, we make them play several games in class.



We would like to design an easter egg. You may have seen the posters we have been tweeting about. We want you to design an easter egg to go in your window next to your rainbows. When you are on your daily walks, you can take part in a giant easter egg hunt and see how many eggs you can spot in windows.

See the poster below for more info.



Take some time to read over the Easter Story and understand why Christians Celebrate Easter. Share one thing you have learnt with someone in your family.


We hope you all have a lovely, safe and restful Easter Break. If you want more to do over the holidays, why don't you try completing some tasks from your Anglo Saxon project. We will be returning with setting work as normal on Monday 20th April. See you all then.

Art Easter Egg hunt challenge

Friday 27th March


Firstly, please follow our Twitter! We’re keeping track of things with you guys on @Year5RiceLane. Today there will be a LIVE Parents vs Kids quiz at the end of the working day!

Maths – For maths today, I don’t know about you but I miss football. Follow this link so we can put maths and football together!

Start by watching Bobby Seagull’s video introduction, and then work your way through all of the activities. Start with the Year 5-6 challenge, but if you can’t do some of the activities (which is OK because you haven’t been taught them all yet), you can have a go at the Year 3-4 activity.

PARENTS – The answers may appear in the notes section so try and hide these if possible

KIDS – yes the answers may appear at the bottom, but life is boring if you just look at the answers without trying

Printing might help in this activity, but it really isn’t necessary so don’t worry if you can’t.


English – find a page in your favourite book, and make a nice colourful poster out of all the verbs that you find on that page. Make sure you spell them correctly when you put them on your poster, otherwise be creative and colourful and have fun!


Spelling – Ah yes, the dreaded spelling test. If you could make a list of the spellings you’ve been practising on Spelling Shed all week then parents, we need your help with this one. If you could take 10 minutes out of your day to read your spellings out to your children that would be great! After this, spend 30 minutes on Spelling Shed with your new spellings.


PE – Seeing as we haven’t had anybody email in their workouts (sad face), here’s one to get you started.

  1. Get a deck of standard playing cards and shuffle them, placing them face down afterwards. If you don’t have a deck of cards then follow this link:
  2. Make the different suits a different exercise (eg hearts = sprints, clubs = sit ups)
  3. Draw a card and do the number of exercises is says to do on the card! (jack =11, queen = 12, king = 13, ace = 14)
  4. Keep drawing cards until you are officially tired.


If you don’t want to do fitness you could base it around one sport (for example, hearts = penalties, clubs = passes) and so on. Be creative!


End of week quiz – well done, you’ve made it to Friday! Now Mr Kendrew is very much missing quiz club, so we’re going to change that. LIVE on Twitter at 3.30pm, Mr Kendrew will be hosting his very first Quarantine Quiz. It’s going to be ideal for Parents vs Kids, but if your parents are busy you can play on your own. It’ll be a mix of general knowledge and Year 5 knowledge and I’d love you to reply on Twitter with your scores so I can see how well you have done.

If you miss it LIVE, don’t worry because the video will automatically be available on Twitter.

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