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During the Autumn term, each year group in school will be focusing on mental health and well-being and then moving on to drugs and alcohol in our PSHE lessons. We will also cover the topics of democracy, through our class council elections, rule of law, through writing class charters, target setting, World Mental Health day, Black History month, Anti-Bullying week, Remembrance day and firework safety! What a busy term! 


Year group Autumn PSHE topics/objectives:



Managing feelings and behaviour e.g changes in routines.

Making relationships.



Managing feelings and behaviour e.g. understanding how they and others show feelings.

Making realtionships. 


Year 1:

Recognising feelings: Identifying feeling words.

Medicines: People who help us. 


Year 2:

Recognising feelings: Big feelings and expressions.

Keeping safe


Year 3:

Recognising feelings: Facial bingo (good and not so good feelings)

Drugs: Smoking 


Year 4:

Understanding feelings: body feelings 

Drugs: Alcohol


Year 5:

Gauging our feelings and developing positive coping strategies 

Drugs: Legal and Illegal 


Year 6:

Positive coping strategies and body image.

Drugs: Preventing early use. 



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