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How will my child be supported?

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In the 'plan' stage of the graduated approach the teacher, SENCO and parents agree on the interventions and support to be put in place.  The plan focuses on what outcomes are expected and the support school and  parents/carers will provide.  The first step is to ensure quality first inclusive teaching is in place and any adjustments are made to practice to support the child. Following this additional or targeted support is identified.


Pupil Profile

Once the support has been agreed, this is recorded on a Pupil Profile and shared with everyone involved in supporting the child  .All children with a special educational need have a Profile.  The profile is drawn up with parents or carers and is split into different sections as follows;

  • What we like and admire about the child
  • What is important to the child
  • How best to support the child in school
  • Long term desired outcomes


Profiles are reviewed with parents or carers three times a year. If advice is received from an external agency this is included in the how best to support in school section.



During this stage the class teacher remains responsible for implementing the plan and is supported by the SENCO.  


Most  children with a Special Educational Need are supported in class through inclusive quality first teaching.  Teachers make adaptations so all learners are included and can make progress. For example:



* Visual timetables

* Visuals to support behaviours or to support spoken language

* Well thought out seating arrangements



* Coloured overlays

* Weighted cats

* Sit n Move seats

* Ear defenders

* Writing frames



Learning Style

* Multisensory lessons

* Learning standing up or lying on the floor



*  Differentiated lessons

*  Fun lessons to engage learners

*  Pre-teaching

* Post teaching

* Information is presented in different ways to ensure children understand



Some children with a special educational need may not make good progress despite quality first inclusive teaching.  These children will receive additional provision delivered by a trained member of staff. The intervention will last for a certain amount of time. 


* Guided writing groups

* First Class at Number

* Precision teaching

* Language groups

* Think Yourself Great

* Units of Sound

* Active Literacy Kit

small number of children may need more specialised provision which is likely to be more long term.  Their provision is highly personalised and closely monitored through a 'Personal Learning Plan'.  








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