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How do you and I know my child is making progress?

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At the review stage of the graduated response cycle we measure the progress of all children and therefore the effectiveness of any provision that has been in place.


The progress of all children is regularly monitored through:

Book Monitoring

Books are looked at to check that work is set at the child's level of ability and that the child is making progress.

Progress Meetings

Progress meetings are  held at the end of each term.  Teachers meet in year groups with Senior Leaders (including SENCos) to discuss the progress of all children in each class.  A whole school tracking system is used.


National on line data to measure progress of children nationally

Tracking of chidren with a special educational need is more personalised therefore progress is also tracked through:


SENCos monitor progress towards desired outcomes

Individual Tracking


Case Studies


Parents and carers are informed about their child's progress at open afternoons/evenings when profiles are reviewed.  Reports are sent out at the end of each academic year.  Parents and carers are welcome to speak to their child's teacher or SENCos about the progress their child is making.  It is advisable to make an appointment to do so.



The quality and effectivenessof provision  is monitored through:

The views of children and of parents and carers are sought through questionnaires.  Any issues are acted upon and become part of the SEN Action Plan.

Impact of Interventions

SENCos monitor that interventions have been effective

Learning Walks

The SENCos and SEND Governor carry out learning walks to observe provision is taking place.  They feedback to staff and give any necessary actions.

Lesson Observations

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