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Welcome to our eCadet page!

Here at Rice Lane Primary School we have become part of an exciting scheme called the eCadets. We have a group of 18 children, one per class from year 1 up to year 6 who meet together to talk about online safety. The main role of the eCadets is to work together as a team to promote online safety throughout our school. We will also be taking part in a range of termly challenges together set by the eCadet head quarters. Watch this page for updates and for more information on the scheme click the link below! smiley

26th February

This week Ks1 and Ks2 eCadets met together to write an internet code of conduct to share throughout the school. We discussed how it would feel if someone was unkind to us online and what we should do if we saw people being unkind online. In addition to this we talked about how we can keep ourselves safe when using technologies.

Have a look at our code of conduct below! 





KS2 eCadets trip to Anfield- Safer Internet Day!


As well as the wonderful lessons and activities going on around school today the Ks2 eCadets also had the very exciting opportunity to go to Anfield to take part in a Safer Internet morning supported by Liverpool football club. The children enjoyed taking part in the activities and came back with the very important message of 'Celebrating differences online.' One of our eCadets were interviewed for LFC TV and the children also got to meet Robbie Fowler who had important messages for the children about online safety. We are also proud to say that he complimented the children from our school by saying they had been the best behaved group there! We are very proud- well done eCadets!!


Have a look at the pictures from the event below.

ECadet trip to Anfield for safer internet day.

Safer Internet Day!

This years safer internet day carried the message of 'Play your part for a better internet.' The Uk safer internet centre encouraged people to 'share a heart' with an important message. Our eCadets thought it would be a great way to spread the message if all children and staff wore a heart badge with important messages on them about how we can 'play our part for a better internet. All staff and children from nursery up to year 6 took part in the event and it was great to read so many good ideas and pieces of advice for staying safe online and playing our part!


Check out the pictures below!

This week the eCadets delivered two assemblies based on online saefty.

In KS1 the assembly was based on the story of Smartie the penguin. This story has an important message about keeping safe by thinking carefully and asking an adult for help when online. Smartie the penguin says we need to, "Think, think, think before we click, click, click and tell someone!"

In Ks2 we watched a video about keeping our personal information private online and the dangers of not doing so. We discussed what a safe profile means and what we should do if we are worried about anything online. 

Thank you to the eCadets who are doing a wonderful job in their roles!

Miss Milligan

Read the adventures of Smartie the penguin below!

12th November:

Today all of the eCadets met together and talked about online safety and what it means to stay safe online. Firstly, we discussed how we could promote our group and online safety in school. We decided that our first step would be to introduce ourselves through a poster and an assembly. We then talked about our role as eCadets and mind mapped our ideas before coming up with a final poster to bring back and share with each class. 


Well Done eCadets- a great first meeting and a wonderful message to take back and share with everyone. 

Next steps: To plan our assembly!

Our eCadet promise created together during our meeting on the 12th November.

Our eCadet promise created together during our meeting on the 12th November. 1
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