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Computing club (years 3 and 4)

Week 1 (16.1.17) 

Today the children used the 'Hour of code' website to program and debug a series of activities, with ranging difficulties. They really enjoyed the minecraft game where they used blocks of code to take the characters Alex and Steve on an adventure through the minecraft world. 

Here is some of the children's thoughts from this first session:

"I love this club because we are learning more about computers and it's really fun too!" Conner, Year 4.


"I've built a house on the hardest level- I put the instructions in to tell it what to do. It's really fun." Callum, Year 3.


Today's activities are fully accessible from home on a laptop or tablet. The link to the 'hour of code' website has been attached below. Happy coding smiley


Computer Club Week 1

Week 2: 23rd January 2017


Today the children used scratch junior to create a programme where their character dribbled a basket ball and then threw it into a basket at the end. We have used programming and debugging skills to complete the activity. Some children even progressed to adding a second character that moved at the same time into their programme. 

"I used the different controls to make the cat throw the ball. You put the red one at the end so it doesn't repeat. I like it because it is fun!" YoonHi, Year 3


Scratch jnr is available as a free app or for more information follow the link below:


Today we also got to go on a 'roller coaster ride' using a VR headset- the children loved it!

"It was so cool! It actually felt like you were on a roller coaster!" Aleena, Year 4




13th March 2017:


This week we got to really put our coding skills to the test through using microbits. 


A microbit is a pocket-sized, codable computer which can be used for lots of different things. Mr Moffat told us that it even has bluetooth, motion detection and a built in compass. 


This week we started off by using the 'Lets code, Microsoft block editor.' We dragged in blocks of code to tell the microbit to show our names. Once we plugged the microbit in to the computer we could send the code to the microbit and watch our own names flash in lights mailWow!


Once we had completed that we had a go at coding the microbit to show different lights when we clicked the A and B buttons on it. 


To see how to create the code and watch what it can do on the microbit follow the link below:



20th March 2017:


Today we used the microbits again but we had a really tricky challenge: we had to create a code that made different arrows appear every time we shook the microbit. We did this by using the same Microsoft block editor that we used last week. 




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